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All About South Park

Editor’s Note:

THERE WILL BE NO South Park Neighborhood Association meetings in March or April of 2020 due to Covid-19.

This website has not been actively maintained for a couple of years. The Board of South Park Neighborhood Association is in the process of slowly updating the information housed on this website – if you’d like a lend a hand reach out to Please bear with us as we make updates!

The page that is most often updated is the South Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes Page. You can find information about the most recent meeting here: –


Welcome to “The Park”

South Park Seattle is a small neighborhood with a big voice. Nearly 4,000 people live, work, study, play, farm, and raise families in this river-hugging community wedged at the heart of the Duwamish Valley industrial corridor. Students, parents, business owners, artists, machinists, environmentalists, and civic leaders all call South Park home.

Seattle’s only riverfront neighborhood is also home to the city’s only working farm: Marra Farm, which generates tons of fresh, organic produce each year. The popular South Park Community Center offers numerous activities that are open to the public, including recreation and sports, after school and senior activities, and community events and meetings.

Environmental stewardship is present in the South Park consciousness. Despite the proximate Duwamish Waterway Superfund site, residents envision a cleaner, greener future for their community and for the Duwamish River wildlife corridor. Anyone can join the residents of South Park to participate in the annual Duwamish Alive! community cleanup events.

Neighborhood parks provide islands of open space for play, gatherings, and relaxation, including the Duwamish Waterway Park, Cesar Chavez Park, South Park Playground, and Marra-Desimone Park, plus the newly constructed River City Skate Park for skate rats.

CityStream South Park Specials

South Park soldiers

Football leagues are popular for teenage boys around town, but in the South Park neighborhood there weren’t any options. Until now. Producer Ian Devier introduces us to one man who loves football – and his neighborhood – so much that he decided to start a league of his own. (11/25/2015)

SOUTH PARK on citystream

On this special CityStream, we celebrate South Park! Learn about the many different businesses in the area; from wineries to restaurants to industry. With the bridge out, many people ask: “How do you get to South Park?” It`s easy to access, but see how some residents are getting creative when it comes to their commutes. Then learn how one man isn`t waiting for the government to step in and clean up the Duwamish River. Find out about more fun events from the South Park neighborhood with host Penny LeGate in this special South Park CityStream. (3/17/2011)

South Park Action Plans, Past & Present

South Park is home to everyday visionaries like parents, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. Together we envision a safe, prosperous neighborhood for families and businesses alike. The South Park Action Agenda (SPAA) targets 160+ community goals in five core areas.
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