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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

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SPNA Meeting April 9, 2019

Food—pupusas from Adrian who has a taco truck in the SP Plaza (El Buen Sabor)

Greetings/welcome: About 20 attendees. Question: what is a good place to focus on for the Neighborhood clean up that will occur on 4/27?

End of Southern; Scary Trail; 12th Ave Stairs; top of Henderson/Cesar Chavez village; Cloverleaf off of 99; graffiti; Rock Park;


Community center Easter egg hunt 4/20 10 am sharp.

Starting week of 4/16 SP Library closed for 2 months. Afternoon snack program will be at South Park Community Center (SPCC) every day 3:45-4:30. Computer Lab will be open 10-5 M-F. Kids Café, Bookmobile and story time will happen at SPCC.

Concord Carnival is Friday June 7—open to all. 4-7 pm

Seattle Neighborhood Group will be doing a youth mural program this summer. Paid positions (youth as well as artists). Email – Cesar Roman –

SNG is also working on activating Emergency Hub. Will be holding an urban skills workshop—do you have skills to share?

Neighborhood Cleanup 4/27, meet at neighborhood center for breakfast and supplies – 10AM START!

OSE is partnering with the City’s Office of Housing to convert oil heat to electric in houses—save lots of money and good for the environment. If you qualify all expenses will be paid. Look for the application.

Site improvements at South Park Community center are upcoming. Another outreach event is coming up Friday 4/26.

SP Hall open from 9-1 or 2 and is charging $5 for working there while your children play.

Please use the SP Plaza—talk to John at SPCC if you want to use the Plaza. It’s free. Plan an event big or small.

SP community groups partnered to try to acquire new green spaces (industrial parcel next to the Duwamish Water Way Park and the Silver Bay Parcel). Proposal looks good; site tour is coming.

Wed April 9 District 1 city council candidates debate happening at the Hall at Fauntleroy 6:30 pm. And on 4/23 at Holy Family School in White Center.

Crime Report:

Officer Mazzuca CPT (community police team) auto thefts and car prowls have up ticked a little bit. Violent crime remains low. Working on RV problem. Last week camp on 5th Ave by transfer station was cleared. Next week by 1st and Kenyon will be cleared. Expect a shuffle. They do congregate in the Duwamish Valley because there are 72-hour parking zones in industrial areas. City has Find it Fix it app (as well as online form) which allows you to report illegal dumping etc. you can report graffiti on private property to find it fix it but please be mindful that this action will result in the owner getting a notice to clean or be fined. If you are not comfortable with that, please email and SPNA will reach out to the property owner in conjunction with The Duwamish Valley Youth Corps to get it painted out.

If you see something dangerous please call 911. Funding for SPD depends on records which come from 911 calls. Find it Fix it is for garbage and abandoned cars etc. ANY crime should be called in to 911 immediately.

Duwamish River Clean Up Coalition Update: James Rasmussen, Superfund Manager, discusses Remedial Design (clean up plan for the Duwamish River), the Round Table and caucuses, etc. Next Round Table organizational meeting will be at the end of May (everything is somewhat delayed because of the federal shutdown this winter). Do you want to sit at the Round Table to represent yourself or a currently unrepresented community group? Please contact James Otherwise, rest assured that DRCC will represent you and periodically report back.

Community concerns: None. Please email if you have concerns or a topic to address at an upcoming meeting.

Next meeting is 05/14