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August 2019 SPNA Meeting Minutes (There was no July Meeting)

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Dinner: South Town Pie

Greetings and Introductions (favorite business in SP).


Quick announcements:

Aug 23 from 5-8 Big Field Day at SPCC

Duwamish Valley Affordable Housing Coalition (DVAHC) quick update. We are working on dialing in our “three pronged approach”, the approaches are: development of new, affordable housing (in partnership with a non-profit developer, build new affordable housing for families, including displaced households from the Duwamish Valley); a multipurpose building (a one-stop cultural anchor where local families can access opportunities and resources, open space for gatherings and pop-ups, multi-generational space for learning, retail, affordable childcare, and low-income housing units); and preservation of naturally existing affordable housing ( in the next 2 to 3 years, with the help public and private partners, orchestrate the acquisition of enough units to impact the immediate rental area. The goal is to acquire 200+ units in the Duwamish Valley). These ideas are not necessarily permanent; we are still discussing pros and cons of all them and are constantly searching for appropriate property. Please reach out to Rosario medina with ideas/suggestions/questions.

DRCC/TAG: Duwamish River Festival Aug 17 at Duwamish Waterway Park noon-5 pm. Free to all

Library: programming in the fall: preschool art class; 4 series Spanish learn to knit class; library will open at noon on Sundays and no more late fees (thanks to the Levy!)

Teen Mural Program happening at the the Community Center now. Teens are painting 4 big panels to go Big Top Curiosity Shop. Three community paint days: 8/16, 8/19, 8/20 10-4. Unveiling on Fiestas Patrias weekend 09/15

Scary Trail event August 23: art, basketball games, other games. Community Cleanup at 9 am, games afterwards

A Grant awarded to Duwamish Valley Preservation Coalition make SP a historic district. Cesar is not sure if this is good or bad in terms of affordable housing. This may have a lot to do with zoning/MHA. SPNA is willing to host a community discussion about this maybe in October.


Crime Report

New temporary SP CPT is Officer Will Kohn. is the supervisor of the CPT.

If you have any concerns please email BOTH Officer Will Kohn and Officer Nic Plemel 

Recent shooting was kind of gang-related 

Street racing is a big problem. Hard to deal with as it’s over quickly. What is the community’s input?

Q: When is it?

A: Friday and Saturday night with regularity

Q: What does State Patrol say?

They know it happens, but they can’t always be there. Nighttime in City of Seattle State Patrol only has 3 officers.

Kent and Renton have no-drive ordinances; that is not feasible on 509.

Q: Why can’t you put up a camera next to where it happens?

Strict rules about surveillance

Q: what about if residents videotaped it on the bridge?

A: sure. Dept of Neighborhoods will lend out a radar gun. The more information to give to SPD the more they can do. If you get footage send it to SPD.

Q: what about phony cameras?

A: Great idea

Q: can we put up block watch signs?

A: yes SPD can help get neighbors hooked up with block watch captains

What are the results of the emphasis patrols?

SPU and Dept of Transportation as well as SPD came out more. Increased patrols in SP certain nights of the week/certain times of day (as well as 6 other communities). Crime rates in SP are lower than in other areas of West Seattle. SP is so small that extra officers make a big difference. Summertime is usually a time of increased crime especially home burglaries.

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are unarmed SPD who are trained to deal with certain issues. The mayor has budgeted for 10 of these positions and the roll out is beginning. 

Hostage situation from June: was not actually a hostage situation but was actually Domestic Violence (DV). The suspect had already left the property. Therefore SPD could not answer the question at the last meeting because it was DV and NOT hostage.

If you have concerns, ESPECIALLY if you want answers at a meeting, it is very helpful to reach out to Officer Strand or Officer Kohn ahead of time.


Youth Corps Presentation: reps from Duwamish Valley Youth Corp an environmental and leadership program talking about the continuous Riverwalk. Specifically a spot near the 12th and Elmgrove site. Tonight they are seeking community input. The youth want to paint the pavement at 12th & elmgrove. Community members voted on the image they liked the best.

  1. Ripple idea: give a sense of clean water and longevity
  2. Handshake idea: represents the community and lifting one another up. Water swirling around the handshake represents moving into the future, having an effect in the future
  3. Chief Seattle idea: The River is no longer called a River but is called a Waterway instead. The Youth want to call it the Duwamish River again. This idea represents the pollution as well as the hope and prosperity that can result from community work

There will be a poll online!

Micro Policing Conversation: Explanation of SPD Micro Policing program and verbal survey of crime concerns was conducted with the group. Issues brought up include- guns. gangs, graffiti, parking, homeless, lack of lighting etc.

Community Concerns/Recommendations for future agenda items: Historic District? Speeding on 14th and Henderson