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All About South Park
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Get Involved

Make space for fun

South Park residents have a long history of getting involved and making our community a wonderful place to live. A 1962 newspaper headline proclaimed, “South Park: A Square Mile of Defiance.” Local housewives marched on City Hall to protest open garbage burning at a nearby dump.

In 2011 we clocked 1,200 volunteer hours at the Neighborhood Center alone! Every January we present Unsung Hero awards to people are busy reaching out to the community by doing things like mowing the lawn at the Center, painting out graffiti around the neighborhood, or cooking meals for our seniors. Everyone brings a potluck dish to share, and the room is always jam packed. It is our most popular Neighborhood Association event.

To contact organizations listed on this site, see the Resource section

Here are ways you can get involved too.
Join in and meet your neighbors!

 Local industry and business district

  • South Park Business Association
  • Latino Merchants Association

Bob, Charlie and more volunteers helping plant


  • LaFarge Citizen Liason Panel Quarterly – cement factory
  • Duwamish River Clean up Coalition- working to clean up our river
  • Environmental Coalition of South Seattle- helping businesses go green


  • Southwest Precinct Advisory Council– police in South Park
  • Red Wagon Graffiti Paint out program
  • Block Watch Program
  • Emergency Preparedness

Community celebrations and eventS

  • SP Putts Out  – mini golf tournament created by local artists
  • Duwamish River Festival  – learn about green practices
  • Luche Libre – Mexican wrestling
  • Fiestas Patrias  – celebrate Mexican culture
  • Marra Farms Fall Festival
  • Art Under $100 Sale  – support our local artists

Street and traffic improvements

  • Traffic Control Subcommittee– street improvements

youth at community center

Youth Activities

  • Concord Elementary School
  • SP Community Center –organizes children/teen/senior classes and events
  • Youth Boxing Club
  • Consejo- youth at risk
  • South Park Library – special events and homework help

girl planting flowers at marra farm

Local parks

  • Concord Playfield Board
  • 12th and Henderson Viewpoint Park
  • Friends of 12th and Trenton
  • River City Skate park –skateboarding for teens
  • Marra Farm –organic farm working with children to grow food
  • Planting free street trees on your street

Helping needy families

  • SP Service Providers – library, community center, Sea Mar, Info center
  • Providence Regina House Food Bank – distributes free food
  • SP Clothing Bank – distributes free clothes to needy families


  • SP Community Center – organizes senior classes and events
  • SP Senior dinner – feeds SP seniors 2x a week
  • Sea Mar senior center

Health and Wellness

  • Sea Mar- community health clinic
  • ECOSS healthy food
  • SP Community Center provides tons of classes from yoga to martial arts

Overall Neighborhood Improvements

  • South Park Action Agenda – At you can read more about the SPAA, which was drafted by the community to work with the city to improve our neighborhood. It is an inspiring document chock full of ideas for improving our businesses, transportation, environment, safety, & families
  • Greater Duwamish District Council – issues in SP, Georgetown, Beacon Hill, SODO
  • South Disposal Recycling Center – new transfer station
  • South Portal Advisory Group
  • SPNA Board – oversees the operation of the SP Neighborhood Center and the SPNA

Community Outreach

  • South Park Latino Advisory Committee
  • Info center

 Local Government

Get involved in the allocation of funding and policy making for our community. Join one of the following groups:

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Greater Duwamish Neighborhood Coordinator

(206) 233-2044 |

11th District Democrats

Greater Duwamish District Council

11th District Republicans