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December 2018 Meeting Minutes

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December SPNA Meeting

December 11, 2018

Food: pupusas from El Nuevo Amanecer

Number of attendees: 20


Greetings and Icebreaker


  • SOUTH PARK HEROS celebrated at a party during the next SPNA meeting January 8th! Come celebrate your neighbors!
  • SPCC (The Community Center in South Park) will host annual winter fest Dec 22 noon-2 includes a meal, entertainment, Santa, gifts for kids up to age 12. Tickets are $2 on sale at front desk now. Looking to hire part time staff 18+ to be “intermittent employees”, interested folks can go into the Community Center and inquire
  • SP Library doing final library lab Wednesday Dec 12. Will re-start in winter. Kids Café free snacks for kids up to 18 every weekday 3:45-4:15 including school vacation
  • Cesar (SP Public Safety Coordinator) currently doing interviews with SP residents on experience living here. If you want to be interviewed or know anyone who wants to be interviewed, you can reach him at
  • Hannah has a nearby volunteer opportunity provides one on one literacy tutoring to low-income kids Reading Partners. Sites are Beverly Park, Sanislo, and Highland Park.
  • Duwamish Valley Safe Streets is not meeting this month
  • Resistencia Coffee having open mics on first and third Tuesdays of every month, it is all ages

Crime Report:

Officer Mazzucca says crime stats are good. Property crimes auto thefts etc. are staying steady. Mazzucca looks at the numbers to see if there are spikes or drops in crime. Car prowls went up a little bit in November. Try to stay on top of vacant houses and building inspectors; this issue is doing okay. Been receiving more calls on suspicious activity in business district. Photos and good descriptions can be very helpful. Following up on RV complaints, especially at 1st and Kenyon. Long discussion regarding RVs and camping. Neighbor asked if SPD could watch 8th and Cloverdale for drivers running red lights; the answer is yes. Neighbor asked about house break-ins (two in the last few weeks). Officer Mazzucca will look into it.

Status of Community District 1 Council:

Metropolitan Parks Department update. The South Park Community Center has some money coming for renovations. MPD is providing $2M, Seattle Arts and Sciences is providing $4M. There will be more funding 2020. MPD meets the third Tuesday of every month at the Denny park building; meetings are open.

SW District Council and Delridge District Council (large, multi-neighborhood associations) have talked about forming a District 1 Council which will include Delridge neighborhoods, SW neighborhoods, and South Park: all of District 1 neighborhoods. CM Lisa Herbold has committed resources to the D1 district council in the form of staffers and possibly venue fees. The conversations have indicated a strong preference for SP to be a founding member. Not only SPNA but any other organization is welcome. Q: What has CM Herbold said about the issue of including historically underrepresented communities? A: she approves.

Future of South Park Neighborhood Center building discussion:

Maria Ramirez and Patricia Julio, consultants with the White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA). City of Seattle owns the Neighborhood Center and since 1972 SPARC has been operating the building for a mutually offsetting benefit (MOB) agreement (SPARC manages the building and provides services with a dollar amount that is applied towards rent). What would we like to see in terms of new management? Randy said that in 2014 there was a lot of research into what should happen with the building, he has a full report that he can offer to WCCDA and any residents. Since 1972 we have had a community led center; SPARC has made all decisions as community members. This is a lot of work. It probably takes 6-8 board members 6-8 hours per month to manage the building, including a part-time paid building manager.

  • Two neighbors would like to see a community-based organization take over management.
  • It was recommended that the city of Seattle should release an RFP that calls for new management that is: Centered in South Park, resident-led, have a history of development and be asset-based. They would provide a business plan including revenue source (including their own salaries as well). We want the Center to generate revenue and be sustainable over the long-term.
  • We want to see a manager that will respect the history of the current tenants and be connected to the larger community. Someone outward looking to re-energize the space.
  • Would be useful if the manager knew about the building.
  • The Center should host an “Open House” so that community members can see what the Center has to offer the neighborhood.
  • What is operational cost of the building? The Senior group/tenant raised funds to replace the floors, not the city. What is the incentive for another organization to run it?
  • We assume that the building brings in enough month to month to cover expenses.
  • There are no funds for major internal upgrades to the building at this time. The city maintains the external building envelope only.
  • The city’s end goal is to get a community led proposal in front of the city council. This is why CM Herbold approved funds to engage WCCDA to gather information from community members about what they want. WCCDA is not interested in managing the building. They are just collecting information from community stakeholders
  • Randy would be willing to provide a 30-minute history of the building to inform the process.
  • There was talk at some point about Historic Seattle taking over the management and building renovation (similar to Washington Hall in the Central District). SPNA is not sure about this idea as it is independent of community input. SPARC had some conversations with Historic Seattle, CM Herbold supports this idea.
  • The City Council wants to serve the community’s interest.
  • The Center has been the base for positive neighborhood activities for the past 20 years.