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All About South Park


Catch the Culture!

South Park is home to everyday visionaries who are parents, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. Together we envision a safe, prosperous neighborhood for families and businesses alike. Our 1998 Urban Village Plan targeted 160+ community goals. Today we celebrate our accomplishments and continue identifying new goals.

Embracing Our Future

South Park has a strong history of community action, starting with our very first South Park Improvement Clubs. When our neighborhood is in need, we work together to form a plan of action.

In 1998 we drafted the South Park Residential Urban Village Plan, which defined our goals for Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan: Toward a Sustainable Seattle. The South Park Action Agenda (SPAA) was drafted in 2006 when, following the shooting of a 16-year-old boy, the City of Seattle convened a group of community and business leaders, service providers, and residents to launch a planning effort.

Our efforts in 2006 generated the SPAA: a coordinated document that prioritizes strong and healthy families, a thriving business district, and a safe, environmentally friendly and visually attractive community, while preserving a strong sense of community identity and respect for neighborhood diversity.

Explore the pages in this section to learn more about community development efforts in South Park.

Areas of Focus

1. Youth Development

2. Community Engagement

3. Public Safety

4. Business

5. Transportation

6. Physical Environment

7. South Park Plaza

painting murals on the old bridge