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All About South Park
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Current Action Items

Action Plan

Strategy 1: Youth Development

Engage youth in activities that keep them safe and allow them to thrive South Park youth age 19 years or younger make up 31.4% of the neighborhood population. Their well being and engagement in positive, productive activities are critical to creating a strong multi-generational South Park community. In addition to a supportive family and school […]

Strategy 2: Community Engagement

Improve Communication within South Park As South Park continues to grow and diversify its population, reaching out to all ethnic groups becomes increasingly important. Developing strong communication channels to encourage the participation of the large Latino and Vietnamese communities is especially important. One on one conversation is often the best way to engage newcomers rather […]

Strategy 3: Public Safety

Create a safe neighborhood for all residents Crime prevention was a key driver of the 2006 South Park Action Agenda and remains a critically important strategy for South Park’s long term vitality. Although stakeholders noted that the crime rate has declined in recent years, many linked this to the South Park Bridge closure. It is […]

Strategy 4: Business

Improve the economic vitality of the 14th Avenue commercial business district South Park residents envision a thriving business district where they can shop for many day-to-day goods and services at affordable prices from local owners/operators. To attain that goal, organized and sustained business development and customer attraction programs are needed, together with efforts to improve […]

Strategy 5: Transportation

Provide attractive and safe alternatives to driving South Park envisions a walkable and bike-able neighborhood with improved bus service for the many residents who do not have vehicles. Short term improvements should focus on safe pathways, slowing traffic especially on 14th Ave S, completing the bike path from South Park to downtown and providing streetscape […]

Strategy 6: Physical Environment

Improve the Appearance and Image of South Park A top priority from the community surveys and conversations is the need to make South Park a more livable, beautiful neighborhood while at the same time retaining its unique character and identity. South Park residents want to make improvements to community parks and facilities, expand the local […]

Strategy 7: South Park Plaza

Establish a civic center, plaza or town square at the base of the South Park Bridge With so much planning, anticipation and angst over the South Park Bridge closure and new construction, the neighborhood is poised to use the bridge closure period of time as an opportunity to plan for a ‘refreshed’ image and welcoming […]