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February 2020 SPNA Meeting Minutes

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SPNA Monthly Meeting February 10, 2020

Tamales & salad for dinner from El Carniceria; about 15 attendees


Concord Elementary School PTA: Baile/Fundraiser tickets on sale on Facebook and Eventbrite ( or in person (email and she will deliver) $35 each/$60 for two includes dinner and dancing, cash bar. All proceeds go to field trips, 5th grade camp, and other enrichment activities. Accepting raffle items!  You can always make a donation to the PTA if you are not able to attend.

NEW! South Park Community Meditation: 2/19/20 Tea @ 6 pm; class 6:30-7:30 pm SP Idea Lab 1251 S Cloverdale St (above Resistencia Coffee). Pay what you can $5-$15 no one turned away for lack of funds, class held in English and Spanish. Third Wednesday of every month.

Duwamish Valley Safe Streets: March 3rd pedestrian and bicycle master plan discussion South Park Community Center 8319 8th Ave S 6 pm-8pm food included.


SPD crime and safety concerns:

Officers Will Koh and Nic Plemeln are the two Community Police Team members and they cover SP. If you have an issue, please email both of them. 2 days of the week they are downtown at 3rd and Pine. Most of their time otherwise is spent in SP mostly because of the RVs. They respond as quickly as possible to complaints. Calls coming in from SP are down from the same time period in 2019 officers “self-initiated activity” is up. Officers are patrolling instead of responding to calls/dispatch. Many communities City-wide do not make calls; this data shows SPD that crime is down. DO CALL IF YOU HAVE A CONCERN.

UPDATE ON DONOVAN: 1026 S Donovan, site of murder 8 weeks ago. This has been a nuisance house for years; after the murder Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection (SDCI) supported SPD by put on pressure due to external issues. The City/SCDI began cleaning the yard and charging the homeowner fines which led him to put the house on the market. A bid was submitted and accepted on 02/04/2020. No one is allowed into the house except real estate agents and potential buyers. SPD has spent a lot of time monitoring the house to ensure that no trespassing occurs. CALL IF YOU SEE ANY ISSUES at this property.

Q: you are down to two officers from three? Are there plans to replace the officer and a timeline?

A: It’s in process—6 officers have come through to “try out” should be here within 3 months.

Q: how long will SP’s CPTs be downtown two days per week?

A: we don’t know

Q: is every neighborhood making a proportional commitment of resources?

A: no it is not. Everyone is supplying two officers regardless of team size

Q: how is data logged?

A: strictly through 911 calls

Q: my kids saw a shooting in 2016 and SPD didn’t respond. You have been sitting in front of 1026 S Donovan but is that useful? To whom should I send my concerns?

A: to both of us.

Q: what is your area of patrol?

A: County line to…?

Q: what happens when you get a call about RVs?

A: It depends on where they are parked. They can park in industrial areas for 72 hours. They cannot park in residential areas from midnight-6 am. It’s challenging to enact these rules as fewer officers are on duty during that time – we partner with parking enforcement. We also try to be compassionate. Trash is a big concern. We offer them whatever services we can. In general, if neighbors do not call about an RV or RV issues on their street nothing will happen to get it moved. Officers respond to neighbor complaints because they do not want to be perceived as targetting any particular RV owners or people.

Q: I saw some RVs on 7th. Why were they moved? Is it because it’s a school walk route?

A: we can’t move RVs along for reasons like that.


Officer Will Kohn 206-733-9593  –

Officer Nic Plemel 206-233-1549 –



Stefan Winkler for scooter share pilot that is launching in the Spring. Year-long pilot. The City wants to make sure that scooter parking does not infringe on the pedestrian right of way. Lots of discussions; please reach out if you have questions or comments. Scooters will be available at more affordable rates for people who qualify for ORCA lift (this is already the case for JUMP bikes the only bike share left in Seattle). The City will likely ensure that a certain percentage of scooters are always available in underserved areas. Right now the plan is to not allow scooter riding on the sidewalks. You can ride bikes on the sidewalk. Seattle is one of the last cities to allow scooters- they wanted to learn from other cities before allowing them. The data shows that more people use scooters than those who used the bikes, meaning scooters are more attractive to a broader population of people when compared to bike share – this increases mobility options for people.


Hallie O’Brien from SDOT. City has $8M for three-year cycle of community driven projects. This is called the Neighborhood Street Fund. This project is for 16th Ave S and E Marginal Way S, on the Georgetown side of the SP Bridge. If you have opinions about how to improve bike lanes, pedestrian safety and driving at the intersection of the SP Bridge and East Marginal please reach out!  For comments and to see the project google Click on “GT to SP safe connections). You can also email comments to


Next Meeting March 10 7-830