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June 2014 Meeting/Potluck Minutes

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South Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) Semi-Annual Potluck Minutes

No business was scheduled to be discussed in the tradition of the SPNA semi-annual potluck but there were two visiting groups:

  1. Diane Hansen and Jennifer Weddermann, artists selected by the Seattle Department of Arts and Culture for the South Park Identifier Artwork Project.

    A bit of background: King County (as part of / an adjunct to) the bridge closure and replacement agreement contributed funds ($130,000) towards the enhancement of the South Park commercial core for physical improvements in the commercial corridor along 14th Avenue S. to enhance the appearance of South Park’s main retail business district. The stipulation was that the community be consulted and a design presented by May 31st, 2014 and the art installed by September 30th, 2014.

    Of the artists daring enough to submit their reputations to this challenge, Diane Hansen and Jennifer Weddermann were selected by the City of Seattle to develop a series of identifiers and wayfinding artworks that celebrate South Park and its business district along 14th Avenue S.

    The artists have engaged in community interviews and prepared preliminary graphics for two statues which they presented at the potluck meeting. Their preliminary proposal was to construct two statues incorporating a blend of cultural images relevant to South Park.

    The SPNA has subsequently contacted the department of Arts and Culture and the two artists and been told by both parties that the sketched shown were preliminary. They do not represent an actual proposed work.

    One of the drawings was a Maneki-neko cat 20′ tall (including pedestal), at the Georgetown side of the the bridge on the east side of the roadway. Modifications might include calacas (Day-of-the-Dead-style bones) depicted on the body of the traditional Japanese good-luck-beckoning-cat.

    The second, a skeletal angler fish (an order of fish called Lophiiformes) standing on its tail, complete with solar-powered glowing lantern (an actual feature of the angler fish), was at the South Park end of the bridge in front of what previously the dry cleaners (the east side of 14th Ave).

    Reactions from the public were mixed and can be viewed at (search ‘fish to greet visitors’).

    The original call for bids can be viewed at:

  2. Two representatives from Save Cheasty Greenspace ( solicited support from our membership and organisation in a bid to prevent the Seattle Parks Department and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance from developing the Cheasty Greenspace natural area into a mountain bike park. Their petition was made available for participants to sign and is available online at the above web address. The SPNA invited the visitors to email the SPNA secretary with a request for a letter of support for consideration to the membership/ board.

    For Seattle Parks Department:
    PDF “Meeting comments” link at

    For Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance: