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June 2019 SPNA Meeting Minutes

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SPNA meeting June 11, 2019

50 attendees, banh mi for dinner


THERE IS NO JULY SPNA MEETING – next meeting is August 13th. Want to help plan the meetings? email

  • July 12 5:30pm Meeting to discuss activating the SP Plaza the meeting is at the community center
  • July 12 10-2 pokemonicon at SP Hall. Fundraiser for childcare
  • SPIARC will be hosting a candidate’s forum soon
  • SDOT Home Zones will be hosting a meeting to talk about actions. June 20 4-7 pm BBQ at traffic calming
  • City of Seattle Duwamish Valley action plan: cohosting community July 21 celebration for one year anniversary of action plan. Progress report was recently released.
  • Drag racing: SPNA will create a group of community members to meet about the concerns. KUOW called to ask for action items. Do you want to join a group? Do you have things to say about the racing? Fill out this quick survey


Crime Report:

Emphasis patrol has been going for one month. Proactive police work has accelerated. Property crime/auto theft arrests have increased significantly in this time. Picked up some warrants. Continuing to check on abandoned/boarded up houses. Appreciate 911 calls. RVs are persistent, but phone calls have dropped. Narcotics activity calls have increased. Please continue to call.

Hostage situation: not enough details to report on Officer Mazzucca will get back to SPNA pres. Aley and will provide an update to the community. Attempted kidnapping: did occur in SP; 14th and Henderson. Suspect walked into the courtyard, attempted to take a child, child escaped, and a resident chased him away. He was arrested and is still in jail. Does not live in SP. Lots of arrests (100+) but no prior assaults/kidnapping. If you have any concerns or questions about anything please call 911 or get ahold of our CPT via email or phone

What will SPD do about Fireworks? They are banned. No additional plans

Lots more graffiti, especially on vacant houses. Carmen from DVYC has been meeting with homeowners to help with graffiti paint outs. Tagging is different than gang tagging; gang tagging is more of a priority.

For any/many issues you can report to Find it Fix it app—graffiti, abandoned cars, illegal dumping, potholes, needles/dangerous items, etc. You can also search “find it, fix it” at if you don’t know how to download apps. Do keep in mind: if you report graffiti on private property, the City will issue a demand to clean it up and give a fine. If you are comfortable, approach a neighbor in person to request them to paint it out OR ask Aley or Carmen from DVYC to approach them. (email

1057 S Donovan—should be cleaned up soon.


Dept of Ecology: reported on Public Comment Period: Boeing Developmental Center Cleanup. Please find more information here

On June 18 at the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle Community College there will be an Open House. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Ecology and Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition will be tabling. Light refreshments, interpretation and childcare available. 5:30-7:30 pm. 6737 Corson Ave S 98108.

Georgetown/SP trail: There have been plans for this connection for at least 20 years. Jackie Mena is from Department of Neighborhoods and is partnering with Seattle Department of Transportation and community (Duwamish Valley Safe Streets) to support this connection. Fill out surveys about what you think about the trail and proposed route options here-

Paint Colors: Attendees voted on paint colors for the neighborhood center walls and trim