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All About South Park
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A History of Farming and Industry

Look around South Park and you will see homes built in the late 1800s. Discover places where people gathered (rumored to be former Speakeasy’s). Admire the old architecture of the Neighborhood Center that used to house the local fire station, or the building on 8th & Cloverdale that used to be a grocery store and cantina. Rosie the Riveter lived among us, and residents marched in protest of zoning changes to save their neighborhood. The river was straightened and industry grew.

You’ll find history links and articles throughout this site. Just click on any topic and learn about South Park’s fascinating history.

City Annexation 1907

City of Seattle Annexes the town of South Park on May 3rd, 1907

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protesting the industrial zoning

A page from: Images of America, Seattle’s South Park

Written by: South Park’s own Anna Marti with Amanda Zahler and Gary Thomsen

spna history

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A Wikipedia Look at South Park

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Seattle’s Backyard Garden

Seattle's Backyard Garden historical flyer.
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Life on the Duwamish: Rediscovering Seattle’s Dirty South (audio series)

By Jessica Partnow, Common Language Project

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Take this great Audio Tour produced by the Common Language Project which includes segments on:

An Immigrants History of South Park

South Park was home to the founders of the Pike Place Market: Italian and Japanese truck farmers who worked the rich soil close to the Duwamish River. Our first segment in the series “Life on the Duwamish” traces the 100-year history of this diverse and changing neighborhood.

Listen now to An Immigrants History of South Park

Drinking on the Duwamish

The County Line has an infamous reputation and a bitchin’ karaoke night. This segment takes us to perhaps the only place in Seattle where US Marines, Mexican immigrants, gutterpunks, and church ladies all get together to sing their hearts out and drink their wallets empty.

Listen now to Drinking on the Duwamish

Marra Desimone farm truck