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March 2016 Meeting Notes

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Back to posting notes, after a bit of procrastinating last year… trying a shorter format. To volunteer to take notes and post them (you don’t need to be a board member), please contact us! 206.430.8258 (Irene)

The South Park Neighborhood Association Board of Directors and their volunteer supporters have been working hard to get food at our meetings and make them more enjoyable.

This month we had a baked potato bar and cabbage and sausage – a donation that was our stand-in for corned beef.

Between 30 and 40 residents and other representatives enjoyed the meeting at the Neighborhood Center, 8201 10th Ave S, from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

A] Introductions and announcements:

1. Representatives from the Duwamish Valley Youth Corps told us about their work program and invited the community to refer youth 13 – 17 years old to contact Paulina Lopez or Carmen Martinez for applications.

2.Seattle Dept of Transportation will hold a meeting at 6:30, April 12th, before the Neighborhood Meeting at 8201 10th Ave S to discuss the feedback they received on the 8th Ave sidewalk improvement project.

B] Seattle Police Department Report: stats are down except thefts from businesses, not much¬†discussion on this subject this month. The City Attorney’s office South Precinct Liason Matthew York attended and received comments about street end improvement projects from residents of the Duwamish Industrial Area north of South Park (ie. MC Halverson and L De Alva).

C] Cole Eckerson and Katy McCormick, Citizens for Off Leash Areas: Cole and Katy presented a proposal to have SPNA co-author a proposal for a grant from the Seattle Racial Equity Fund ( Discussion included the feeling that use of this fund for a dog park was not an appropriate priority and that SPNA probably does not have the capacity to co-author a grant proposal. Two polls were taken of the people at the meeting:

i. SPNA to provide a letter of support to the Citizens for Off Leash Areas to apply for the Racial Equity funding – about 8 people in favor and 9 opposed. No action taken

ii. SPNA to provide support for Citizens for Off Leash Areas to conduct feasibility studies for our area using other grant monies in future – about 13 people in favor, 4 opposed. No action taken.

D]¬†Shoreline Street End projects near the South Park and Georgetown neighborhoods – Seattle Department of Transportation announced that work will be done at 5th and Fontanelle and at the end of Riverside. Concerns were raised by two residents of that area about the legality of the project, infringement on the rights of the industrial users of the area, the fact that they don’t want children using that area and that the local marijuana business might be negatively affected by being put into proximity of a park.

E] Kersten Schwartz from the Woodland Park Zoo told us about animals that might be added to the zoo, in the area formerly used for elephants. Kersten shared information about the Zoo’s goals in helping people learn about animal species and their habitats as well as to support breeding of animals that are at risk of extinction. More information can be found at the sight of their survey!