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May 2019 Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes

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SPNA Notes May 14, 2019

Dinner is pizza from South Town Pie (thanks STP!) about 30 people in attendance.

Introductions/what we’ve been doing to enjoy the weather.


We NEED PEOPLE TO JOIN THE SPNA BOARD email if interested!

Concord Carnival is Friday June 7 from 4-7 pm, open to the community. There will be food and carnival games for sale.

The Library bookmobile will be in South Park Tuesdays/Thursdays 4/30; 4/14; 5/23; 5/30; 6/04 3:45-4:30 pm at the South Park Community Center 8319 8th Ave S. Library will re-open early June.

South Park Senior Rainbow Bingo Sat May 18 6-10 pm at the Neighborhood Center 8201 10th Ave S.

Office of Housing and Office of Sustainability and Environment: free program to convert low-income residents’ heat sources.

Seattle Neighborhood Group: River City Skatepark event June 9: music, bands, food, ice cream.  Cesar is working with City of Seattle on HomeZones: between 5th Ave and 7th Ave on Cloverdale. Traffic calming actions. Reach out to Cesar if you have questions.

Randy on Rose: 9th annual queer pride picnic Sunday June 2 at Duwamish Waterway Park 7900 10th Ave S from 1-4; free tamales for the first 200 guests; Latinx drag performers; Joyas Mestizas will close out the event. If you want to donate financially go to Entre Hermanos webpage. Facebook page: search South Park Pride Picnic

Duwamish Valley Safe Streets: survey for public opinion at


Community police officer report: somewhat busy month. RVs take up a lot of time. There was a push off of 1st and Kenyon which resulted in parking complaints. Property crimes: car prowls, burglaries, residential/industry. Please always report suspicious activity. Anything you post on Facebook please send to police. You can also send to if you don’t want to send yourself. If you see someone creeping in windows/mailboxes/cars please call 911. If you have video do call 911 immediately.


Youth Corps: presentation about work they have done with Zero Waste Washington. They did a clean up of the skate park and cleaned, sorted and weighed garbage collected. Youth talked about lessons learned.


Community Center Updates: Seattle Parks and Rec brought applications for Community Center Advisory Council. Cesar is working on getting an Advisory Council for the SPCC up and running

Parks and Rec is working on a strategic plan; be on the looking out for meetings (like the Parks and Rec Facebook page for alerts). Parks and Rec may be bringing in a licensed preschool, Wi-Fi will be added to the site. John Barclay describes the Advisory Council: a group of local volunteers who help the CC decide on programming. Meets 1x month. Represents the community to the CC.  the Advisory Council can facilitate extra/additional funding in the CC. PLEASE JOIN THE COUNCIL!

There are a ton of programming updates and opportunities for kids and adults to play this summer at the community center. Check out – for programming! But go get a flyer at the community center for even more opportunities that include hiking trips for youth, summer camps etc!

Also, a detailed explanation of new plans for the field at the CC.

There was a discussion and explanation of the partnership between Seattle Academy / Seattle Parks and Rec and the South Park Community Center. This has been in the works for many years. There were several community meetings a few years ago regarding this partnership. Seattle Academy is a private School in Capitol Hill without access to playfields. They will be paying $4 million to help with the Community Center renovations (turf field). In exchange the school will have priority access to the playfields 3-5pm (ish) in certain months. As part of this agreement the playfield WILL NOT be in Seattle Parks & Recs’ booking system (meaning leagues from across the city cannot use a system to book the field – like dodgeball or soccer leagues). This means the community will have more access to the fields. The fields will have lighting and will able to be used at night. Seattle Academy is paying to renovate the field but will also be paying rent to Seattle parks and rec for their usage of the fields. The partnership with Seattle Academy will continue to evolve and will include soccer programming for youth this summer at the community center. Seattle Academy seeks to foster a strong partnership with the community.


Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/Technical Advisory Group: DRCC is hosting a community meeting to discuss the upcoming Roundtable. Please come if you are curious about what the Roundtable is, what will be discussed, if you want to be involved, etc. May 23 6-8 pm at the Georgetown campus of South Seattle Community College 6737 Corson Ave S 98108. There will be food, childcare and interpretation.


Next Meeting June 11 @ 7pm

No meeting in July