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All About South Park
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South Park Identity

South Park: Catch the Culture

In 2010, the community of South Park came together to help put South Park on the map. Our bridge had closed and our merchants were feeling the pinch being cut off from customers on the other side of the river. Together we met and discussed our future vision, what would help the community and who we wanted to brand ourselves. Below is a snippet of the results of those meetings.


South Park logoBrand Story

Salmon: Resiliency

We share a heritage of resiliency in South Park. Like the persistent salmon, our community strength comes from vision, dedication, and plenty of honest hard work. Our neighborhood includes a busy community center, working farmland, industrial parks, and a wildlife river corridor. We are students, parents, business owners, artists, machinists, environmentalists, and civic leaders. Some of us, like the salmon, have migrated across oceans to thrive near the Duwamish River.

Three Banner Colors: History, Industry, Community


South Park families arrive from many parts of the world to build their dreams here. Visitors can learn about the history of the Duwamish people who first fished along the river and farmed its shores, and the more than 150 years’ of immigrant families who have settled and flourished in South Park.


South Park is a pulsing hub of industry, and an important part of Seattle’s success as a port city. Shipping from Elliot Bay arrives via the Duwamish Waterway. Business parks and industrial facilities support manufacturing, recycling, and nearby aerospace, all conveniently located just north of SeaTac and surrounding industrial areas.


We are a community of character. For decades the citizens of South Park have raised strong families, farmed the fertile land, and forged independent businesses. We embrace our diverse histories, languages, and cultures with a community of caring, family-oriented neighbors. South Park residents ensure neighborhood safety, health, and happiness by working together.

In the 1960s we spoke up to defend our residential homes. In the 1980s we rebuilt our community center to support play and learning for everyone. Today we still face our community challenges together, whether it’s to rally for the rebuilding of the bridge, or to preserve our local environment with annual Duwamish Alive! community cleanup and restoration events.


Logo and brand designed and created by a team from Noise w/o Sound of South Park, Seattle.