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Unsung Heroes

Neighborhood heroes

The Unsung Heroes awards are presented by the South Park Neighborhood Association recognizes outstanding individuals (who are not already SPNA board members) who have been working quietly toward the overall betterment of the South Park community in the previous year.

2017 SPNA Unsung Hero Awards

On Tuesday, January 09, 2017, the following people were recognized and honored as Unsung Heroes. Join us in congratulating them.

Jodi Mack, Sophia Yvette Tolson, Esther Lipson, Carly Groszhans, Aley Thompson, Jake Hellenkamp, Captain Pierre Davis, Dianne Radischat, Dan Bentler

Unsung Award Certificate

Do you have a local Hero?

Unsung Hero Awards are presented each year at the South Park Neighborhood Center’s community potluck on the 2nd Tuesday in January at 6pm. All are welcome to come to the potluck and celebrate our heroes.





How to Nominate an Unsung Hero

To nominate a local hero, you must include contact information for yourself and the person you are nominating (we need to be able to contact you and your hero so that everyone can be personally invited to the award ceremony). Write a brief description (at least 3 sentences) of your hero’s efforts to improve our neighborhood and why you are nominating them. This is an important part of the nomination process, because it will be read out loud during the award ceremony to honor your hero.

Please submit your nominations to the SPNA by December 31st. Contact us to nominate your unsung hero.

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