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October 2018 Meeting Notes

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SPNA October Meeting

Dinner is South Town Pie

About 25 people attended at Concord Elementary – NEXT MONTH BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER

Greetings and introductions

Announcements: Jake Hellenkamp SNG is trying to bring some art to the skate park. Jakes is working on funding for a youth arts program to bring some murals to SP, just got some funding and looking forward to more. 8th Ave Trail is getting some funding and improvements

DVSS meeting Tuesday 10/16 6:30-8 at Counterbalance Brewing in G’town.

Thursday 10/18 Concord PTA is hosting a Listening and Learning Event for new SPS Supt Juneau with Spanish interpretations dinner and childcare at Concord 6-8 all are welcome.

DRCC is participating in Duwamish Alive on 10/20 at T-107.

Pavement to Parks party at the library 10/20 in the afternoon—much fun to be had!

Duwamish Valley Action Plan was released in July. Duwamish Valley Team was reconvened last week and will be updating community more frequently on actions.

Officer Mazucca Crime Report: no spikes in property crime. Auto thefts/car prowls are up a bit. Cesar had asked about shots fired. There is one incident on the record in the last month; it is an ongoing incident. Meyers Way cleanup took place a few weeks ago. SPD has continued to follow up on it. Long-term plans for Meyers Way are continuing to be developed to prevent more camping. Mazucca has not seen movement from Meyers Way into South Park. There has been more RV parking in industrial sites in the North end of South Park. City has been working on abatement for house on Monroe and 7th. Mazucca wants to know how people are feeling in terms of public safety; he thinks residents are feeling ok.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is here to talk about electric vehicles. They are trying to increase electric vehicle use to reduce pollution. They talked about electric cars and how they can be charged at public chargers or at home. In the long run electric vehicles are less expensive, no gas no engine to maintain etc. The average electric bills to charge these cars are very low. South Park could potentially have a community electric car (carshare program). This could be a possibility to introduce electric vehicles. The organization surveyed a number of people via paper surveys about their knowledge of electric cars and their use of regular cars and transit. The survey will be circulated online soon.

** Note Seattle City Light was supposed to come to this meeting to discuss the potential of electric car charging stations in South Park – this discussion has been delayed to a later date that is still TBD.

Needles disposal training: Seattle Public Utilities taught us how to properly report and dispose of needles we may find in the community. The City of Seattle needles person has not received many calls for needles in South Park. MAKE SURE TO USE FIND IT FIX IT even for single needles—this is a good use of resources (the app, the website, or illegal dumping hotline 206-684-7587).  Even if you pick up the needle and dispose of it yourself use find it fix it to report that you did that so they have the data.

The city will not clean up from private property, but they will come give you a kit (or Parks, or Port, but they will refer needles to those agencies if necessary).

Good resource for talking to kids about needles

It is illegal to throw needles into trash. If you are taking a picture for the Find It Fix It app, take a picture from far enough away so that needle cleaners can identify where it is. If you find a needle on private property, safely clean it and bring to transfer station or fire station. Needle cleaning procedures:

  1. Gather a puncture proof container, tongs and gloves NEVER touch the needle with your hands/ this includes recapping the needle.
  2. Put on disposable gloves
  3. Place the puncture proof container on a flat surface close to the needle. Open the lid to prepare the container.
  4. Use your tongs to pick up the sharp. Make sure you pick up the sharp by the plunger or barrel, not at the needle.

PRO TIP make sure you pick up the sharp by the plunger, not by the needle. Caps without needles can be put in the garbage.

  1. Hold the needles far away from your body and place the share end into the container first. Remember, no hands!
  2. Place the cap/lid back on the puncture proof container
  3. Dispose of the tool you used to pick up the sharp or disinfect it with bleach or other disinfectant solution
  4. Wash hands
  5. Deliver the container to sharps bin year your area.

If you get stuck with a needle: squeeze your skin around the wound to increase bleeding. Wash the wound thoroughly with warm water and soap. Go to ER.

Cesar is willing to come pick up needles; just message him. –