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October 2019 SPNA Meeting Minutes

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SPNA meeting October 8 2019


Dinner: South Town Pie 

Greetings/welcome and one thing we are grateful for. About 14 people in attendance.


Concord Elementary is co-hosting El Dia de Los Muertos Saturday Nov. 2 1-5 pm. Food, dancing, art etc.

Flyers from UW Edge program. Connecting researches studying toxic exposures with community members being exposed. Next month event at taqueria rincon mon Nov 25 6-8 pm. Cohosted with Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition.

A Neighbor has Room for rent $900 shared kitchen bathroom utilities etc. in SP 206-293-2194 Sarah

5th and Cloverdale traffic calming project will be finished soon. There will be a left turn lane again eventually.

SP Library Wednesday oct 9 Dia de los Muertos event

SP Library Sat oct 12 Dia de los Muertos arts and crafts 3 pm

Seattle Neighborhood Group community safety project at 8th and Cloverdale is starting to finish.

Affordable housing waitlist in Tacoma is open for households with 3 or more people until October 18th.


City of Seattle Community Organizer SW Seattle Jeanie Murphy Ouellette came to SPNA to talk about Parks and Rec programming at Camp Long. Working on camping and outdoor activities in High Point and looking to bring some to South Park. Any groups interested in working with her? Please Reach out.

Triangle Properties update: 

The homes directly behind the RAM Mounts operation on Dallas Ave S were purchased by the company (the triangle land between S Orr St & S Rose st). All families in those single family homes received eviction notices. They were given several months to vacate. Neighbors are concerned about the families, the loss of affordable housing and the expansion of industrial activity in an area believed by many to be residential (more below on this).

RANDY – Randy was the facilitator at the neighborhood meeting held last week at Resistencia. He provided an explanation of the Sliver by the River. Had a meeting last week with community, King County councilmember Joe McDermott as well as other KC staff and Seattle Councilmember Lisa Herbold attended.


The zoning was clarified: it is residential.


The County made a mistake in not having the zoning correct on all maps; this has been wrong since 2001. Three action steps came from the meeting. They are posted on FB and emailed to listserv. Also, there will be an additional meeting with KC reps re: noise, parking and other issues related to the operations of the company (RAM Mounts).

JENNIFER – Jennifer/DVNPC: Jennifer provided a history of the Triangle Properties. The Duwamish Valley Neighborhood Preservation Coalition took the former company (Spencer Industries) to court because they were trying to change the zoning (and tear down the same houses) years ago. The community came together to support DVNPC and sued King County which resulted in an ordinance stating the Sliver is residential. The confusion occurred because the map was never changed.

When DVNPC found out about the RAM purchase and future industrial plans they knew this was incorrect; they found the historical records and proved it to King County. The zoning is residential. It cannot be changed this planning cycle.

However, RAM Mounts is ALSO currently out of order for current zoning which is regional business NOT manufacturing. National Products Incorporated is NPI and RAMs parent company. The DVNPC wants to protect current affordable housing.

More to come

ROBIN/DVAHC: The Duwamish Valley Affordable Housing Coalition will work with DVNPC to support the affected neighbors and to push for maintaining the affordable housing in the future.


Next Meeting November 12th

Have an agenda item you’d like to discuss or you would like added? Email