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Explore South Park’s art scene

Art is a big part of South Park and our community of local artists is growing. Our public artworks are being added to as well. Come see what South Park has to offer. Drive around, find some great stuff and grab a bite to eat afterwards.

South Park Arts is an organization dedicated to supporting, representing, and promoting art and artists in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood. You don’t have to be an artist to join this group. No matter your skills, you can be involved in this fun and lively organization.

Find out what they are currently up to: South Park Arts website

Below is a list of public art spots to discover

Artwork at South Transfer Station

Carol de Pelecyn salvaged items brought to the transfer station as material for her sculptures.

Read more about the public art at the new Transfer Station

South Park Community Center Public Art

Watch Seattle Artist Ginny Ruffner making the whimsical archway for the South Park Community Center.

Cesar Chavez Park’s Singing Stones

Jesus Morales cutting art


Jesus Bautista Moroles, a nationally recognized stone sculptor, donated a sculpture titled “Musical Steles,” comprised of three musical basalt columns fabricated in the South Park neighborhood. Stop by and tap a rock on the sculptures to compose your own tune.

Students at nearby Concord school have participated in workshops learning about modern art and Cesar Chavez, and created a painting that is posted at the park.

Cesar Chavez Park: S Cloverdale St & 7th Ave S, 98108

A documentary titled “Seasonal Soil…Singing Stones,” made in 2003 by Jennifer Maas, tells the story of Cesar Chavez Park and South Park. The documentary has aired on the Seattle Channel and is shown as part of a permanent exhibit of Jesus Moroles’ work at the Houston Museum of Art.

Watch it now

River City Skate Murals

736 S. Cloverdale

Murals commissioned by South Park Arts and painted by Angelina Villalobos in 2012, adorn the entrances to the skate park.

The Good City Mural 1997

Cloverdale/599 Underpass Murals

By Dana Schuerholz and Karen Euler and numerous community members

‘From the Roots’ Public Art Brigade

This mural titled “Living with the River,” under the 509 overpass features a river of fish swimming above houses and hands reaching up to the sky.  The south wall is called “Home” and illustrates a large flock of geese flying toward the heart of our neighborhood.

Gateway Park South Artwork

8th Avenue S and S Portland St

This park includes tiles made and painted by the community (coordinated by Gregory Fields) of South Park as well as large red gears (from the old Fremont Bridge) symbolizing South Park’s ties to local industry.

Mike’s La Cantina Mural

8601 8th Avenue S

The outside wall of this building sports a colorful mural embodying the unique qualities of life in South Park. It pictures kayaks, fish, birds, tugboats, and industry cohabitating with beautiful mountains visible in the distance. The building was built in 1908, this structure marked the terminus of the trolley line that crossed the Duwamish River at 8th Avenue S between 1900 and 1910.

Pedestrian Bridge

S Henderson Street/Hwy 599 overpass bridge

Painting done in 2010, led by community artists Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys and Concord Elementary Students.

Old South Park Bridge Murals

Mural panels were painted by several local artists the day of the South Park Bridge Wake. Once the new bridge is completed, the old approach will be dismantled and a park will appear where these murals once were, and they will become a part of our art history. Now fenced off, the murals are still somewhat visible.

South Park Vortex at Marra Farm

Artist Horatio Hung-Yan Law created the public art sculpture “South Park Vortex”. It consists of over 450 laminated glass snowflakes swirling in a vortex-shape framework.

South Park Vortex symbolizes the coming together of the South Park community to effect change. The sculpture reflects the independent spirit of South Park: dynamic, creative, proud and inclusive. South Park residents designed and cut individual snowflakes through a series of workshops sponsored by the South Park Library. Together, they represent the unique contributions of individual members in this multi-ethnic and multi-generational community.

Huge Veggies at Marra Farm

Seattle Artist Matt Kelly (once a South Park resident) created these metal vegetable signs in conjunction with an educational sign project designed by Noise w/o Sound. The metal art holds 5 removable educational boards that are stored when students are not at the farm learning.

South Park Identifiers

Along 14th Ave. S

Gregory Fields (once a South Park resident) created several ceramic pillars that mark the northern and southern ends of the business district on 14th Ave S. Look for sidewalk tiles too.

Pack of Doom Mural

Alley behind the South Park Library

Along the S Donovan Street Alley residents commissioned a mural to be painted on their garage by artist CT as a way to support local art.

South Park Library Lights

8604 8th Ave. S at So Cloverdale St

In 2006, Artist Franklin Joyce created theatrical lighting fixtures to project images onto the exterior wall of the library. The imagery changes seasonally, creating opportunities for the artwork to remain relevant to community interests and activities. The artist created eight gobos (thin plates of metal with the artist’s design cut out of the surface) that provide displays for a one two-year exhibition cycle.

According to the artist, South Park is one of Seattle’s most spirited and dynamic communities and needed an inclusive artwork that would allow the community to represent itself and be consistent with the vision of the new library.

Since the original installation art students and artists from South Park Arts have created more gobos featured on the library wall.

The artistry of Tim McNeil

8106 & 8112 Dallas Ave S
1046 & 1056 S Southern St

Tim McNeil was a true visionary. He had ambitions to single handedly turn South Park into a hip neighborhood full of yard art that celebrated our close ties to local industry. Visit the following homes to see his masterful use of recycled and repurposed materials to build fences and structures for the several properties that he owned with his wife Debbie.

The fence at 1049 Elmgrove was inspired by Tim and built by Dave Means. Be sure to check out the salty sea captain wearing a yellow slicker, overlooking the river in a nearby yard.

Cloverdale Banners

Distinctive banners along South Park’s main thoroughfare, feature images created by artists John Hicks of the birds, fish, boats, airplanes, and houses that make up our community.

Graffiti Art Murals, 2011

Old South Park Hall building on 14th Ave S

By various artists

Consejo Youth and Family Center Mural

8615 14th Ave S

This mural celebrates our youth with a vibrant display of musicians surrounded by imagery that evokes ancient Aztec culture.

South Park Discount Foods Wall Art

8507 14th Ave S

Sporting images of our commercial district, bridge, river, shipping industry, and local residents, this is the image that welcomes people when crossing the bridge into South Park. It speaks to our diversity, pride, history, livelihood, home and community.

Gear Works Fountain

700 block of 5th Ave S

Stop by and relax by the soothing sounds of the 13 foot tall rock fountain in the Gear Works lot.

Stone sculpture

8107 8th Ave S


Seattle artist John Hoge specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of stone sculpture, using primarily granite and basalt





The Sparks Building

8601 8th Ave S

This century old building has seen an array of businesses come and go throughout it’s lifetime, and hasn’t had much use until the current owners began renovations a few years ago. Now, the second floor of this historic building has nine updated studio units perfect for artists or a small office space. The first floor is still undergoing renovations but is available for private functions and perfect for an art show you just can’t seem to find the space for.

For more information about The Sparks Building please contact the building manager by phone at 206-734-2008 or you can email them at


Duwamish Revealed Bring Great Art to our Area

The art featured in Duwamish Revealed is all site specific, developed for this place and time. The selected artists are creating work that deeply considers and reacts to the river and the communities along it. They bring a diverse set of backgrounds, approaches and levels of experience; some of them are from the neighborhood and some are from halfway around the world. Some of them knew a lot about the river when they applied, some knew very little. Together they make an incredible exhibition of beautiful, thoughtful and challenging work.

Check out the website to learn more.