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Finding the right resource

City of Seattle: Comprehensive online information

For a resource list from A-Z, the City of Seattle has compiled a list of more than 70 topics to help you find what you need. Topics include city agencies, animal shelters, legal services, homelessness, noise, permits and voting information.

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The South Park Information and Resource Center

spiarc LogoThe South Park Information and Resource Center (SPIARC) is a community-driven organization that provides access to services and community networks, as well as connecting neighbors to neighbors.

SPIARC serves as a neighborhood hub where community members, groups and organizations can connect with one another to obtain access to information and resources. SPIARC staff and volunteers help people to navigate various issues regardless of language, literacy, computer literacy/access, or other circumstances. When possible, we provide direct assistance on issues that can be easily navigated from the Info Center. Some of these services include resume preparation, assistance with on-line job applications,  applications for discounts on utility bills, and translation/interpretation services. We also direct customers to outside services and resources, including medical, dental and mental health resources, housing/shelter programs, immigration /legal assistance, child care, meal programs, and senior programs. Additionally, SPIARC provides links to local community organizations and is very focused at the community level in South Park. We work to maintain and foster relationships with other neighborhood-based committees and local service providers in an effort to encourage partnerships and reduce duplication of services. We serve as the place folks can come to connect with the group in South Park that fits their interest or project. We also work to help keep the community informed on as many levels as possible by getting the word out, managing event calendars, help with outreach and keeping asset maps and other documents for South Park.

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Offers accounting, assistance with home loan applications, immigration assistance, legal advice, notary public, photographs, tax preparation, and translation.

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