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All About South Park

Nearby Neighborhoods

Duwamish Tribe

We are the host tribe for Seattle, our area’s only indigenous tribe. Many of our 569 enrolled members still live on Duwamish aboriginal territory, which includes Seattle, Burien, Tukwila, Renton, and Redmond. We have 465 adults and 107 tribal members under the age of 21.

West Seattle


The heart and soul of West Seattle intersect at the Junction. And there’s far more than a day full of things to see and do here. It’s the epitome of what you want in a friendly neighborhood: specialty stores, restaurants, bars and boutiques. Plus rare finds, tasty food, lots of history and an overflow of charm that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

West Seattle, WA          


Georgetown is Seattle’s oldest residential neighborhood. An independent city from 1904 – 1910, our neighborhood includes a strong and active residential core, a growing retail district, a thriving creative community and adjacent industrial businesses.

Georgetown, WA 98108          

White Center

Eat, Play & Shop in White Center

White Center is home to artists, grocers, tradespeople, veterans, and families from around the world. We work hard, and then we play hard at urban parks, neighborhood nightlife, and community festivals. Diamonds-in-the-rough stud our business district with world cuisine, quality imports, specialty produce, unique salons and boutiques, and a complete selection of professional services. We’ve even got our own Southgate Roller Rink for rink rats of all ages.

Seattle, WA 98106