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September 2018 Meeting Notes

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SPNA notes September 11, 2018

Questions? Comments or have a topic for community discussion at an upcoming meeting, please email –

Dinner: Jalisco; about 25/30 people



  •         From DRCC: the new DVYC cohort began last week and the Community Orientation to Superfund site is coming up, co-hosted by EPA, Ecology, and DRCC Sept 25 at SPNA; event page on FB.
  •         From the library: homework help Tues 4-7:30 Wednesdays 3:30-5. Back to school night Monday the 24th for k-12/scavenger hunt with prizes. 3rd annual Booktoberfest at Loretta’s on oct 10 5-8 pm.
  •         Duwamish valley safe streets meeting at South Town Pie September 18th at 6:30 pm.
  •         Marra farm fest sept 22 at Marra farm noon-3 pm.
  •         Fiestas Patrias is on Saturday
  •         Concern about sidewalks on 8th Ave? Come to a sidewalk walk with city on 8th Ave between southern and thistle 5:45 Wednesday September 12th
  •         Friends of Duwamish Waterway Park has been working on improvements also Concord PTA is working on improvements to the grounds. Friends of the SP Plaza is also working on SP Plaza meeting Monday sept 17 at 5:30 at SPCC.
  •         The Duwamish Longhouse is welcoming visitors.
  •         Cesar is the Public Safety Coordinator with Seattle Neighborhood Group for SP.

Neighborhood Crime Report (by Officer Kenneth Mazzuca, CPT): routine stuff lately. Car prowls and burglary are down slightly. 911 calls as crimes are in progress are very helpful. Talking about trouble houses, several in SP remain boarded up which is good. SCI: Seattle Construction and Inspection help out SPD a lot. Went to see traffic at 14th and Henderson—didn’t see any speeding but will continue to have a presence. Lots of conversation about homeless population.

Puget SoundKeeper: PSK works to protect all fresh and seawater around Puget Sound. Katelyn Kinn is staff attorney working on lawsuit against Seattle Iron and Metals. WA State Dept of Health is a good resource for fisherpeople. Clean Water Act is a framework to protect waters. A tool for this is National Pollution Discharge Elimination system (NPDE); for enforcing “source control”. There are not always enough govt. entities to enforce; for this reason, private organizations can sue to enforce source control. The focus of the lawsuit is that this facility has been operating for well over a decade with improper stormwater and rainwater processing. If Dept of Ecology does not enforce source control (acting on samples of discharged water), then PSK will step in and try to enforce. This lawsuit is taking an extra long time. Why is Ecology not dealing with the lawsuit? Because the Clean Water Act is a Federal Act. PSK needs community witnesses: anyone who has or who has witnessed dust health concerns, water pollution (discharge, metals dropping into river etc). Please contact Katelyn Kinn to share observations (anonymously if wanted)

UW Nurses seeking input: UW Nurses do public health projects in SP. There will be a new cohort coming up and they are looking for ideas and ways to partner in SP. Examples of projects were: organizing the food bank; doing hand-washing campaigns at Concord; worked in Head Start program; with Community Center, etc. Public Health ideas? The ideas that the crowd came up with are below:

– Concord: Develop curriculum for the pollinator pathway program

– Concord: Develop more robust rewards program for attendance at school. Right now kids receive chocolate – maybe the rewards could be useful for the family like gift cards to local fruit/veggie businesses etc.

– Continue the work on a cultural inclusion/training event – identify what the community wants to see in an event like that and implement/plan the event (Lora’s previous project I think)

– Parent de-stress coffee hour or events

– Lack of or poor Access to public transit/ mobility/sidewalk issues in south park – what are the health implications

-Connect existing organizations to resources/ businesses identify the contact people for all south park organizations – update the website to be used as a tool for the community.

– Develop a family exercise program to address obesity in children and their families giving an opportunity to exercise together

– Review old project ideas

-Social walking groups

Duwamish Rowing Club: Jessica Miller and Carson. DRC founded in 2011, row from March-October in the evenings and Saturday mornings. Boats are stored on neighbors’ property near Duwamish Waterway Park but looking for better space. Discussion ensued about where DRC could put their shipping containers more permanently and in the future build a boat house. Maybe the boat house will have / should have community space?  The group discussed the King County owned parcel across the road from where the future South Park plaza will be on the river side (Orr Street). It is currently fenced. Improvements would have to be made for stepped river access on the Rose street end of that parcel.

Questions? Comments or have a topic for community discussion at an upcoming meeting. Email –