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September 9, 2014 Community Meeting Minutes

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7:00 Introductions

7:15 Announcements

Future of the Neighborhood Center with Councilmember Tom Rasmussen Sept 16th at 6pm – A meeting will be held at the Neighborhood Center to hear what options are possible and desired from stakeholders in the community and at the City. Please come if you are interested.

Fiestas Patrias – Paulina Lopez announced that the Fiestas Patrias parade will start at 11am at Henderson St and follow 14th Ave and Cloverdale St to the Community Center on 8th Ave S. The Festival afterward will take place at the Red Apple parking lot and adjacent buildings.

The Port of Seattle has received a $20 million TIGER grant, as announced by Senator Patty Murray who established the grant program. Most of the funding goes to restructure an existing shipping site. But, there is also funding to help pay for the public access at the recently cleaned up T-117 site. The access is in addition to the required cleanup and habitat restoration.

Mobile Bike Workshop – hosted by Bike Works at the South Park Community Center, Thursdays in September from 3-6pm.

South Pork Fundraiser for SPNA Sept 13th at Tin Dog – South Park residents Itanna and Yosafe and launching a food cart/ mobile food stand and will test their pulled pork recipes on Tin Dog patrons 3pm – 7pm. Donations will go to SPNA.


Brooke O’Neill (SPNA co-president) thanked Dagmar Cronn for her long-standing contributions to SPNA and the community.

7:20  Boeing Clean up: Brian Anderson – The Boeing clean up of site 117 is a multi-phase, multi-year project. The Demolition phase consisted of 85% of materials being recycled. In the last couple years the habitat restoration phase has been significantly achieved. New dredging will begin September 24th and continue through possible March 2015.  The dredging will be done in conjunction with active fishing by the Muckleshoot.  The Jorgensen site south of Boeing has started dredging already.  For the Boeing work, a 20 hour workday will be in effect.  Sediment is loaded into rail cars at the LaFarge site where there is a logistical bottleneck.  Pilings which may be noticed in the Duwamish Waterway are used for realtime monitoring of water quality to aid in determining impacts of dredging.  On another note, Dagmar Cronn and representatives of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) were given a tour of the habitat restoration area and Brian would love to see more opportunities for this, especially for youth, but pending the feasibility of navigating the cumbersome security issues at Boeing sites.

7:40  Police Report:

Officer TJ Berg and Officer Jon Kiehn indicated they will give 911 training at the Oct 14th South Park Neighborhood Meeting.  The session will inform residents about the list of information they will need and the way it needs to be presented.  Communication is important in calling 911. We will learn about how it works best and how it works worst.

Additionally Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mark Solomon, and Officer Kiehn will collaborate with Lora Suggs to host a Block Watch information meeting in South Park. A resource for connecting with other Block Watch captains is the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains Network.  This links all Blockwatch Captains from the Duwamsh to the Sound.

Officer Kiehn responded to concerns about recent unresolved thefts indicating that “Monica” is detained in Yakima.  Officer Berg explained that officers need legal authority to be on a property in order to make an arrest.  This means that in the case of squatting or trespass, the owner or representative (such as a realtor) must be contacted.

Randy on Rose St enquired about any follow-up to the discussion at the August Community Meeting where calling Sgt Bauer of the Southwest Precinct Anti-Crime Team and the mayor had been put forward as action points. No one present had called Sgt Bauer or the mayor. Officer Kiehn offered his own number for South Park residents to call if they had non-emergency concerns.  206.733.9593.

The phone number for the mayor is 296.684.4000, and that for the SW Precinct and  Sgt Bauer is:206.733.9800

8:10 Alberto Rodrigues – solicited letters of support from SPNA for two proposals for funds from the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund.  One project is for Tree Canopy Enhancement – increasing trees in South Park and Georgetown, and the other is for improvements on the pedestrian/bike pathway between 8th Ave S and S Henderson St.

MOTION: (Brooke O’Neill, Bill Owens) To provide a letter for support from the SPNA for the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund Proposal for improvements on the 8th Ave S Trail/Duwamish Bikeway.  18 Ayes, 1 abstention. PASSED

MOTION: (Brooke O’Neill, DeVona Lahrman) To provide a letter of support from the SPNA for the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund Proposal for Tree Canopy Enhancement.  18 Ayes, 1 abstention. PASSED

ACTION POINT: Lora Suggs will write the letters.

8:28 Subcommittee formed for Future of the Neighborhood Center Brooke, SPNA co-president, announced that a subcommittee has been formed to look into the options for the Neighborhood Center building.  They will give a report at the next monthly meeting.

Next South Park Community Meeting: October 14, 2014, 7pm at 8201 10th Ave S

8:30 meeting adjourned