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All About South Park
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Getting to South Park

Take a Boat, Bus, Bike or Barge

South Park Bridge Is Open!


Grab your ORCA Card
and hop on the bus to South Park:

Route 60: (Westwood Village, White Center, South Park, Georgetown, Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill)

Route 132: (Downtown Seattle, White Center, Burien Transit Center)


Bicycle routes near South Park include the Duwamish Trail (from the north) and the Interurban Trail (from the south). Bike map available here. Plans are in the works now for a new path through South Park. Check out our current project page for updates.

You can also take a look at a review of biking conditions in South Park by clicking on this link Bike in SP



It’s pretty easy to get here on foot just by following the bike trails that lead to the neighborhood. South Park also has several parks, trails at Marra Farm, and plenty to do in the business district for those days you just feel like taking a stroll. For a look at walking around the neighborhood check out this Feet First study by clicking this link-Walk in SP


From the North: Take State Route 99 Southbound to the 1st Avenue Bridge. The first exit sign directs you to South Park via S. Cloverdale St. – just follow the geese!

Or Take State Route 99 Southbound keep to the left continuing onto E Marginal. Turn right on 16th Ave S. onto the South Park Bridge right into the business district of South Park.

From the South (599): Take State Route 599 North. Exit at “14th Ave S”. Turn left at the 3-way stop sign, merge onto 14th Ave S. and head north to S. Cloverdale St.

From the South (509): Take State Route 509 North. Exit at “Cloverdale”. Turn right at the signal and head east on S. Cloverdale St.


Slip into your kayak and take to the waters for a more adventurous route to South Park. Moor your craft at the Duwamish Waterway Park waterfront and hand-carry boat launch.

South Park Bridge Is Open

If you are biking from South Park:

From the library at 8th and Cloverdale, follow the 132 bus route north on 8th Ave. There are now “sharrows” aka bike symbols showing you the way along the street the entire way. Hop on the Duwamish bike trail at West Marginal and Holden, then take the 1st Ave bridge over the river. When you come to the end of the bridge, follow 1st Ave to then take a right on Front Street. At the stop sign, turn left onto East Marginal, hope onto the sidewalk, and follow the sidewalk around the corner to First Avenue. You can then get all the way downtown on first — be careful around the construction at Spokane.

Going to Georgetown is easy — when you get across the first Ave bridge, take hard right at the bottom of the ramp and follow Michigan east (it’s busy, be careful!). You can then turn left on 6th, Corson, or go all the way to Airport Way.

You can also now take the South Park Bridge to Georgetown. The bridge is at the N end of 14th (just N of Cloverdale). The bridge turns into 16th on the Georgetown side.

If you are biking to downtown, you can also follow the Duwamish trail — a separated bike path! — to the lower West Seattle Bridge and then go up north on Alaskan Way (or skip the bridge and bike to Alki!). This is fairly safe (watch for trucks around the port and for suicidal rabbits dashing across the bike path along the river park) and, while a mile and a half longer, you can ride faster because there are fewer lights.