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SPNA Minutes April 2013

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April 9, 2013 MEETING Minutes

Meet and Greet


  • What is one item that you really should throw away, but probably never will?

The Best: A box of love letters from people I am not married to.


Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. Contact Elizabeth Mauro SPNA VP at (206) 940-6145

  • The Seattle Parks Foundation Board of Directors has committed up to $50,000 from their Stim Bullitt Excellence Fund to South Park for parks
  • Boeing Plant 2 Cleanup Update –Brian Andersen
  • Tukwila filed an appeal to annex area Q
  • Parks Levy Public Hearing (support SP Plaza!) 4/22/13 Miller Com Cntr 6-9pm
  • Seattle Foundation awarded SPARC $10k for operating expenses
  • SPARC will receive $2,100 from KC Employee Payroll Deductions
  • SPNA forming a new committee to update bylaws and articles of incorporation – Sunday, April 14, 5:00 pm at the South Park Neighborhood Center, 8201 10th Ave S.
  • Highland Park Action Committee is ready to call for the eviction of Nickelsville – a letter has been sent to the Mayor and City Council members
  • T-117 received final Port Commission approval to move forward on public access at the site as part of the habitat restoration after the cleanup.
  • SPNA to endorse the Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition recommendations to the Environmental Protection Agency about the proposed clean-up plan for the River?

Suggestion to put a spigot at the Duwamish Waterway Park to rinse sediments off before leaving the park – lots of positives (rowing club wash its boats, dogs washed off, children washed off, but it would make it easier for someone to move in – have it by the street (a laugh: not a shower height)

  • Let Elizabeth know if interested in running for election to the South Park Neighborhood Board
  • Seattle City Light has a program for lower rates for those eligible – see South Park Information and Resource Center for details
  • Dan Bentler, Electromotive Institute teaching course at Community Center
  • Duwamish Tribe may get designated as a recognized tribe. SPNA will send a letter of support to the feds.
  • Visit 12th and Southern rain gardens to see them working
  • Watch for meetings about the comment

 Police Report

  • There are very few reported crimes in South Park recently. Chief Diaz is retiring. There is lots of training going on for present police officers. Targeted policing will have police officers show themselves at high risk or high probability areas of incipient crime. Response time for low-level crimes may be longer.

 Local Project Updates

  • Transportation Committee:
  •  T117 Update-

Roy Kuroiwa, Port of Seattle

8 homes, planting strips and alley have had contaminated removed – new yards planted; thanks to South Park for working with EPA, SDOT and Port; fall 2014 will be clean-up of the streets in the same area; jobs program is going slowly and may be being slowed by sequestration;

T-117 part of the clean-up: are building soon, NCO is contractor, June 1 will target for start, done by April/May 2014. Environmental pollution will be removed; back fill with clean soil to +14 feet; now is +21 – subsequent project will be habitat restoration which requires the lower elevation.

Port will open job office storefront on 14th across street from Napoli, there is a staff member responsible for monitoring and lowering any negative impacts on neighborhood. Communication contractor is a woman-owned business

  •  King Co Wastewater Treatment Update-

Pam Elardo

Green-water projects in the neighborhood, 1.5 million population served; jobs are open throughout the division; storm water still goes into river but industrial processes waste waters do not; Hamm Creek project was 2300 feet of new riparian stream bed, plus 2 other projects have been completed in SP on the river; green grants available again this year ($200k available) Combined Sewer Overflow projects coming up

Green Stormwater Infrastructure – if 45 acres of South Park participates between 2013 and 2018, we might not need to have two huge underground tanks installed

 New Business

  • SP Wishing Tree Proposal/Vote- Bill and Honey Owens –