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SPNA Minutes March 2013

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March 12, 2013 MEETING Minutes

 Meet and Greet



Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. Contact Elizabeth Mauro SPNA VP at (206) 940-6145

  •  Think Green Recycling Challenge Quiz

South Park is in first place at the end of five months of the six months of the contest for a $40,000 prize. We are also in the running for part of the $10,000 prize.

  • Safety Hub committee forming

South Park Emergency Communication Hub is about to start to be developed. See attachment for more information. We are looking for additional residents to join the group. Contacts in the attachment.

  •  Annexation-

Dagmar Cronn

The City of Seattle has filed what is called a PAA or Potential Annexation Area for the sliver-by-the-river, the 40+ homes along the Duwamish River that were never annexed by the City. The PAA is required before the City can apply to the King County Boundary Review Board to annex both the sliver and the area on the opposite side of the South Park Bridge called the Duwamish Triangle.

  • Proposed River Cleanup review with the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition at 5 pm April 9 at the South Park Neighborhood Center
  •  T-117 pizza party March at Napoli Pizzeria – Commissioners sympathetic to naming public access after John Beal
  •  Boeing out of the water so salmon smolts can go out to sea. Next project will be the habitat restoration at the downriver 5-acre site. Next time dredging starts it will be both upriver and downriver of the new South Park Bridge

 Featured Speaker

  • Green Spaces Vision Plan-

Becca Aue

Becca announced that Seattle Parks Foundation will support a planning effort to develop a larger parks plan for the whole of South Park. The Seattle Parks Foundation Board of Directors has committed up to $50,000 from their Stim Bullitt Excellence Fund to South Park. The support will help develop a South Park Green Spaces Plan by supporting a consultant contract and related project expenses. Next step will be a letter of agreement between SPARC and SPF regarding the gift.

 Police Report

  • Officers John Kiehn and TJ Berg – crime is way down – only 2 each of car prowls, burglaries and stolen cars but do call about gang activity near 12th and Cloverdale. Gang members from Rainier come to harass someone near that intersection.

SPNA/SPARC feedback

Neighborhood Intermediary group

Bill Pease and Meredith Hall represented the Executive Committee (not part of the SPARC/SPNA Board) that broached the notion of splitting SPARC and SPNA. They spoke in response to the discussion at the special South Park Neighborhood Association meeting held March 7 at the Neighborhood Center. 20 residents and a facilitator, Wendy Watanabe, discussed whether the joint Board of the South Park Neighborhood Association and the South Park Area Redevelopment Committee should split. (There were positive and negative reasons given for both splitting and staying merged at that meeting.)

Bill and Meredith re-iterated the reasons for splitting and also drew a diagram showing a split-off SPARC being the center of efforts to draw all groups in South Park together for long-range planning with the Neighborhood Association being one of the groups to participate, representing residents. They also indicated the Executive Committee was forming several permanent committees. Only positive comments were made in response to the presentation.


South Park Emergency Communication Hub

  • South Park is beginning preparations to organize an Emergency Communication Hub with the goal of helping the South Park community to react more quickly and effectively to disaster. South Park residents and/or people employed in the South Park area are encouraged to participate. It would be valuable for neighborhood representatives of vulnerable populations to participate in the planning process (i.e., elderly, homeless, limited-English proficiency, etc.).


  •  An Emergency Communication Hub is focused primarily on facilitating communication and information sharing between neighborhoods and agencies/officials immediately following a disaster such as an earthquake. Emergency Communication Hubs serve as emergency community gathering sites in the event a major disaster occurs that makes it impossible to get information and help in the usual ways. There is existing city and county support for neighborhoods to establish Emergency Communication Hubs.


  • Two UW doctoral candidates in Community Health Nursing, Lesley Raunig and Hilary Jauregui, are working with SPNA and the South Park community in an effort to establish the SP Emergency Communication Hub. Lesley and Hilary can be reached via email; their contact information is provided below.

Lesley Raunig:

Hilary Jauregui:

  • For more detailed information about Emergency Communications Hubs, please see the websites below. The West Seattle Be Prepared website includes information about their recently established Emergency Communication Hub. The City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management website has great overall preparedness information as well as information specific to Emergency Communications Hubs.

West Seattle:

City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM):

OEM Community Preparedness Hub specific info:


We are excited about working with South Park residents to establish an Emergency Communications Hub in South Park!

 Mission Statement – Emergency Communications Hubs

  • By prior planning, preparation, and practice, volunteer citizens will have the capacity to activate, as soon as possible after a disaster, a network of pre-located neighborhood Emergency Communications Hub sites.

The Hub Sites will:

  1.  Collect information on local situations, needs, and resources.
  2.  Relay communications between Hub Sites and to and from the City of Seattle, as well as be an information resource to residents.
  3.  Assist in the allocation of resources to needs. An adjunct responsibility, prior to a disaster, is to aid the City of Seattle in encouraging citizens to be individually and collectively prepared for a disaster.

Hub mission is accomplished SOLELY through community volunteers.