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All About South Park

SPNA Minutes April 2012

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South Park Area Redevelopment Committee

& South Park Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

6:00 PM Oppenheimer Cine 7400 3rd Ave. S.


Attendees:  Dagmar Cronn, President, Elizabeth Mauro, Vice President, Ahlyshawndra Means, Secretary, Hallie Savannah, Treasurer Mike Calvert, Member-at-Large (by speaker phone), Betsy McFeely, Member-at-Large, Marty Oppenheimer, Member-at-Large, Laura Schmidt, Member-at-Large, Alex Lopez, Ex-Officio,


Missing: Missy James, Member-at-Large, Peter Quenguyen, Ex-Officio


March Board minutes approval:


New SPARC Mission statement

Board liked “To make Seattle’s South Park neighborhood a better and safer place to live and work. Should the Board do a short word discussion now for possible adoption at this or next meeting?


Boards on Fire – Inspiring Leaders to Raise Money Joyfully by Susan Howlett

We will discuss Chapter 2.

Read Chapter 3 for May meeting

Should we have contracts for each Board member at the first meeting of the new Board in July 2012?




SPNA agenda – Elizabeth Mauro – See attached agenda for April 10 SPNA meeting

Elizabeth (with help from George Wheeler) has committed to two things in preparation for the Open House. 1) New color photograph blow-ups framed simply for the walls of the two meeting rooms, and 2) T-shirts to be sold as a fundraiser for SPNA.


Treasurer’s Report –Hallie Savannah:


FYI 2012 South Park Senior Program budget projection – Since inception of United Way grant July 1, 2010, the total senior program shows a positive balance of between $400 and $500 dollars (after subtracting out $2000 for the first two years administrative fee or rent fee, however you want to call it). See attached spreadsheet for 2012 budget.


Sue McCorkle of McCorkle and Associates (SPARC’s accountant) is presently preparing the 2011 IRS form 990. In the past, SPARC has filed a 990EZ. The IRS does not require a 990 from SPARC. However, other opportunities for raising funds do. (See below for an example.) Alternative would be to file a 990EZ again and then pay Sue to develop a 990 Pro Forma. But, the cost would be higher. The 990 provides a calculation of percentage of gross income that a non-profit spends on fundraising. A 990EZ does not.


SPNA and Senior non-profits need to file 990N’s. Dagmar needs help to get them done – they are a one-pager.


SPNC Building Report

New cleaning firm, Sound Cleaning starts their contract to clean the SPNC Tuesday, April 03, 2012. Treasurer Hallie Savannah and Member-at-Large Mike Calvert discussed with President Dagmar Cronn the financial risk of making the change and decided to go ahead. Sound Cleaning will provide all paper products for the bathrooms, cleaning supplies. ECOSS has also signed a contract with same company for every other week cleaning of the ECOSS office space.


Senior Program Report – Peter Quenguyen –

Interviews being conducted Tuesday, April 3 cook for the Senior Program. Four Senior Program Board members and Peter Quenguyen are conducting the interviews.

EnhanceFitness staff member assessed the South Park exercise program. Vivian Bowles missed only one required exercise out of seven pages of requirements, one she has covered many times before. There are new reporting requirements and mechanisms that Peter will add to his other multitudinous reporting requirements.


Parks – Mike Calvert and Marty Oppenheimer –

Kenyon St. is being resurfaced, a result of request begun by Marty and followed up by Transportation Committee.


Transportation Committee – March meeting canceled because Dagmar too busy to prepare for it. We could use a new convener. Dagmar has suggested to someone to think about it. No answer yet. – Ahlyshawndra Means – Up-to-date announcements are being posted.

Donate Now button needs to be installed on top of front page of web site in anticipation of GiveBig Day, May 2, 2012.


Volunteers – Laura Schmidt – “Newsletter” How often? Who writes? Where sent? – still no volunteer; Laura will try another round of soliciting a volunteer,

New Board member solicitations

Police and Safety – Betsy McFeely – May 8, Leveraging Volunteer Engagement” workshop report coming up




Dagmar is working on submitting by June 19, an application to have SPARC participate in the King County Employee Payroll Deduction Giving program. Either a 990 or a 990 Pro Forma is required.

The Seattle Foundation’s second annual GiveBIG Day will be happening on Wednesday, May 2! What can each Board member do to help solicit participation (in addition to making a gift during the 24-hour period)?


June 9 SPNC open house – Besides Julia Mendez, Tanisha Felder, Bridget McGinnis, Susan Eddy and Dagmar, other people are working on the open house including three Board members. Biggest area of concern is no one has taken responsibility for the food yet.


New Business


Proposal from Hallie Savannah, Treasurer, and Dagmar Cronn, President, request Board to increase the Board policy to have two signatures on checks over $200 to over $500. Motion needed to discuss.


Quick collection of guestimates from each Board member about hours of volunteering for SPARC/SPNA for first quarter report for 2012:


Seattle Parks and Recreation has announced the next round of the Opportunity Fund. Technical Assistance Workshops for Proposal Letters are in April and May. 2008 Parks and Green Spaces

Levy allocates $8 million for community initiated parks projects through the Opportunity Fund.


Update on Seattle City Council SLI (Statement of Legislative Intent) process for Department of Facilities and Administrative Services to report by March 31 on what the six MOB buildings need to be brought up to “tenantable.” Sally Bagshaw has offered to forward the report when she gets it.





For the record


Proposal to the Seattle People’s Fund for $1,400 completed to support four Vietnamese dinners to be served in 2012/2013.


Proposal for support from the Department of Neighborhood’s Small Sparks program has been submitted for $1,000.


David, who has kept the Gone Sane Alcoholics Anonymous group going for 30 years passed away in early March. His original sponsor, Ed Green is our new contact. The group will continue to pay $20 per month rent and made a $30 gift to SPARC for use of the SPNC for the memorial service.


Rachel Burrington D’Abbracci was writing a proposal to the Puget Sound Energy Foundation for support on programmatic and capital requests that provide opportunities to promote safety and emergency preparedness. SPARC would be the fiscal agent. Don’t know if she made the April 1 deadline for submission.


The Department of Human Services Aging and Disability Services has updated the MASA (Master Agency Services Agreement) (MASA) for 2012 for grantees that include SPARC as fiscal agent for the South Park Senior Program. Dagmar has read the entire document, “docu-signed” for receipt. MASA is included in the contract by reference. Copies are in electronic and hard copy in files.


SPIARC and the Latino Fund are collaborating on a City of Seattle tech grant program proposal for another  combo ESL/Computer classes. Matching is being shown as SPARC donating the space for 105 sessions at $30 per sessions. SPIARC is paying SPARC rent and admin fee already, so this part of them using shared space with others in the building.


Next Board meeting

Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 6:00 pm

South Park Neighborhood Center


2012 Projected Income for South Park Senior Program  
United Way of King County  $   20,000.00
Seattle Department of Human Services Aging &   Disability Services  $       6,487.00
Voluntary donations for food  $       6,000.00

2013 Total

 $    32,487.00
2012 Projected Expenses  
Food costs  $   6,000.00
Site Coordinator  $ 11,088.00
Cook  $   7,800.00
Exercise Instructor  $   2,600.00
Employer payroll expenses  $   3,127.00
Food Handler Permits  $        60.00
Outside contract services  $      336.00
Phone  $      540.00
Administrative fee  $      936.00

2013 Total

 $    32,487.00