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SPNA Minutes August 2013

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August 13, 2013 MEETING MINUTES

7:00 pm South Park Neighborhood Center (8201 10th Ave S)


  1. Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. E-mail SPNA President ( or call 206-257-0578. Visit our website at for previous minutes.


  1. Water Quality Concerns at Independent Metals.  Concerns have been raised about observed fluid spills at the Independent Metals Corporation site (747 S Monroe St).  Dagmar Cronn spoke to Department of Ecology’s water quality inspector, Dan Wright, for water quality issues at this site.   Cronn reported on the answers from Wright. They have a water collection system installed that collects their spills and treats the water before it is released into the Duwamish River, according to their discharge permit. Since they do not prevent spills in the first place, it is expensive for them to operate the collector/treatment system because the various layers of filtration media have to be replaced often which is an expensive proposition. To call the Dept. of Ecol. complaint number, Northwest Region – 1-425-649-7000 or go online to click on the e-mail or access on-line form to report something when you see it.


  1. South Park Plaza Site Purchase Funding.  The City of Seattle is considering whether to fund the purchase of properties at the base of the new bridge to be developed into a South Park Plaza. Funding, if approved, would come from Parks and Rec’s Opportunity Fund.  Application for funding is a competitive process.  The South Park Plaza property acquisition has been selected as one of the final projects recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.  Approvals are still needed by the Mayor and City Council.  Hopefully, the offer to purchase by the City will be persuasive to the property owner to sell.
  2. Parks and Green Space Plan for South Park.  The Seattle Parks Foundation (a non-profit organization) has allocated $50k to help South Park develop an overall plan for parks and connecting green spaces. The “Request for Qualifications” has gone out to prospective firms who may be hired to develop an overall park plan for South Park. Two of the six highest priority park spaces will have more specific plans developed.  Whichever firm is chosen, will be required to hold a sequence of opportunities for South Parkians’ input.  Input opportunities will be announced over both digital and non-digital avenues.
  3. Social Media Sites for South Park.  South Park has several online communication forums, including: All About South Park, South Park News, Yahoo Groups listserv, Nextdoor Facebook, and Twitter.
  4. Improvements to Duwamish Waterway Park Funding.  This year, South Park’s proposal to the Neighborhood Street and Parks Fund to improve Duwamish Waterway Park was rated as the first priority by the Greater Duwamish District Council. It now competes at the City level with the other district council’s top proposals. We provided to Pamela Kliment at the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation an addendum to the original proposal listing types of short-term improvements we would like to see (instead of more permanent improvements such as a walkway that would be premature until an overall park plan is completed – see item 4 above).
  5. Thank you to a couple of South Park residents for taking the time and initiative to work on vexing issues right where they live – recently a neighbor started a conversation with CDL and Drywall Recycling Services, 9208 4th Ave S. about blowing sawdust and noise.  And thank you to all those south park neighbors out there who make this neighborhood great.
  6. Duwamish River Festival.  The 8th annual Duwamish River Festival is Saturday, August 17, from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Duwamish Waterway Park, 7900 10th Ave. S.  Free food and lots of fun things to do.  It’s big bash!
  7. 3rd Annual Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling after the Duwamish River Festival Saturday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Duwamish Waterway Park.
  8. Superfund Jobs Training Completed.  Fourteen people have graduated from the superfund jobs training provided by the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition.  Two the 14 have been hired by AECOM and hopefully all fourteen will get jobs as well.

Police Report

  • Shots were fired recently at wedding held at Community Center, no one was hurt.
  • Increase this month in calls about people with mental illness, possibly because it’s hot out and so more people are wandering about.
  • An attempted robbery in front of library was reported Monday night.
  • Calls are coming in about tags around the neighborhood, but no one seems to ever see the taggers. Some tags seen here are associated with gangs in other neighborhoods and taggers are likely driving to South Park to tag but are not being seen to hang out here.

Police or safety concerns (call 911 if emergency) can email Dagmar for police liaison contact info or Betsy McFeely.


Local Project Updates

Transportation Committee Report

Dan Bentler, Chair of Transportation Committee, reported on the 2014 South Park Street Repair Plan.  Jim Curtin, of Seattle Department of Transportation, has been very responsive and helpful to South Park but was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.

For the 2014 improvements, South Portland Street, between West Marginal Way and 8th Ave South, will be fully redone with new base, drainages, sidewalks, and bicycle lane.  S Chicago Street and several others in the vicinity will have less extensive repairs done. A map of improvements scheduled for 2014 is attached.  The dead end of S Chicago has been traded for part of 5th Ave S to be improved instead at the recommendation of the Transportation Committee.


Terminal 117 Cleanup Update

Roy Kuroiwa, Port of Seattle, reported that initial progress has been slow due to discovery of large tanks and barrels that have required a lot of attention.  Web camera is up and is taking still-photos.  Interactive excavation map online is up and running at   Web map is updated every Tuesday, and shows air monitoring results and excavation/clean up progress.


Community members are welcome to stop by the Terminal 117 Cleanup project office on 14th Ave S any day.  The project office is also providing gallery space for local artists through an agreement with South Park Arts.


Roadway failures along the upper portion of South Donovan Street, between 16th Ave S and 17th Ave S, where haul trucks have been driving will be repaired shortly.  During repairs, haul trucks will be re-routed.


T117 Air Monitoring at the project edge: Monitoring of several air pollutants as well as noise is being conducted at cleanup site.  This week, dust levels were well below performance standards.  A peak occurred last week and an automatic text message was sent to the air monitoring team, who took steps to reduce hazard and then watched it carefully for the rest of the day.  Hydrogen sulfide has exceeded the performance standards, which were set at a very low threshold.  No complaints have been made about hydrogen sulfide odors coming from the site.


Tours of T117 given at Duwamish River Festival via boat.  Free boat rides at 12, 1, 2, and 3.


Basin Oil Brown Field Site

Dan Gargill, of Wash. State Department of Ecology reported on history and status of contaminated site.  Property is triangular lot between Dallas Ave S and 17th Ave S, immediately west of Terminal 117 site.  Site was closed in 2004.  However, drums remained on site until an order issued in 2008 for owner to remove drums.  Owner was fined and has since paid all monetary fines.  In 2009, Dept of Ecology tested the site for contamination.  Not much contamination was found on the southern side of property.  Some contamination is located immediately below existing concrete on north side of property.  Overall the site is pretty clean and not currently a threat to surrounding properties.



Nickelsville will be closed soon and a concern was voiced that the residents won’t have a place to go.  Bill Pease assured that there is some sort of a plan in place to relocate residents when it closes on Sept 1.