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SPNA Minutes February 2013

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February 12, 2013 MEETING MINUTES

Meet and Greet


  • Name something you love about a person who is close you.


Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. Contact Elizabeth Mauro SPNA VP at (206) 940-6145

  • Think Green Recycling Challenge. Keep it up!
  • Job Training for river cleanup jobs-

Vanessa Schmidt, DRCC-EPA is looking into creating a training program for cleanup skills that will be needed locally for the cleanup. Almost off the ground – could mean lots of work for local folks. Keep an ear out.

  •  W Duwamish Trail Extension proposal made it to final round of Bridging-the-Gap funding
  •  SP proposal for $9K for tree planting on S Rose from Duwamish Healthy Communities Project – announcement coming soon

 Any other announcements

  • Jeremy Griffin presented a group called SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) regarding starting action to stop the evictions of people from their homes Contact info: phone: 206-203-2125 website: email:
  • SPNA/SPARC updates- Dagmar Cronn

Text of Dagmar Cronn’s statement to the SPNA membership at the February 12, 2013 SPNA membership meeting:

As the President of the South Park Neighborhood Association, I have been selected by the SPNA Board members to present to you, the SPNA membership an SPNA Board recommendation at this evening’s SPNA meeting. An early notification that this recommendation would be made tonight was presented at the January 2013 SPNA potluck meeting. The SPNA Board did vote on January 8, to make this recommendation to the SPNA membership.

The recommendation is to separate the Boards of the South Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) and the South Park Area Redevelopment Committee (SPARC). If the SPNA membership were to agree, the how and when could be determined in the future by SPNA Board and members working together. The two Boards were merged during the second half of 2007. There is sentiment among the Board and other South Park leaders that the merger has short-changed the aspirations of both groups over the intervening 5 years.

Assuming the SPNA members are in agreement with the SPNA Board members, we will schedule one or more special meetings to discuss SPNA wishes for the future. SPNA Board members and SPNA members will be invited to those meetings. We have the services of a professional facilitator, Wendy Watanabe, to lead those meetings. Her time is being paid by a grant from the JPMorgan/Chase Foundation. Betsy McFeely, Board Member-at-Large, has volunteered to set up the first meeting – others will be scheduled as needed until the membership has decided on any subsequent plan of action. We will be posting to the South Park list serve, e-mailing to members, asking the South Park blog to list, and putting on Facebook to name a few ways we will get the word out about those meetings.

The Board has not voted on this following suggestion, but has discussed it. The suggestion is that the SPNA membership should consider revising the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to update the versions filed almost 20 years ago in June 1993 with the Secretary of State’s office. Neither document meets current best practices. In anticipation of agreement of the membership to take up a review of the two documents, Elizabeth Mauro, SPNA Board Vice President, and I have submitted a request to the WAACO non-profit group (stands for Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations) for pro bono legal support (i.e., without charge). That request has been approved and a couple of potential attorneys have volunteered to work with SPNA membership for free.

I am also reminding the SPNA membership that the South Park Area Redevelopment Committee (aka SPARC) has been responsible for operating the SPNC building for 40 years. The SPARC Board (not the SPNA Board) has notified the City that SPARC does not wish to continue operation of the building past 2013 without some new agreement with the City. The SPARC Board letter to the City assures the City that SPARC will pursue in concert with the City some new arrangement for 2014 and beyond. The issue is the lack of City support to SPARC to help offset the building expenses while the City is asking for higher rent to be paid by SPARC to the City. There are SPARC Board members, including me, who pledge to work to assure the building will continue to operate for the benefit of South Park under whatever new agreement is developed.

I or other Board members will be happy to answer questions. But first, I leave the floor open for discussion as to whether the membership would like to accept the recommendation this evening or at a later time “to start a process of separating the SPNA Board from the SPARC Board – how and when to be determined at subsequent meetings”.

Are there any questions or discussion? No decision was made tonight, the suggestion was to open up the discussion to the listserv and have the moderated conversation before the vote to separate. John Guevarra suggested that merging more closely the two groups would make all efforts stronger.

7:30 Local Project Updates

  • Boeing Plant 2 Cleanup Update –

Brian Andersen

In-water dredge work is progressing, will halt mid-March for fish window & should be complete by then. Water is separated from solids & polluted bottom soil is sent to landfill in Oregon. Next steps: Begin on-shoreline work in May

  •  T-117 Design Public Access update –

John Sloan, Kristin Tollefson, Sally DelFiero-Current state of plans presented with maps and pictures for the habitat and restored shoreline after the polluted soil is removed. There are plans for public access including a walkway and a pier with a view of Mt. Rainier. Still looking for public participation in how it will look. Attention being given to public safety -will be patrolled by Port Police. The plan goes before the Port Commissi March 26th – they will need neighbors to support the concept before the board.

March 20th will be a Pizza Open house to get a final look before the presentation.

Possibility that the new habitat area could be named after John Beal (a south Park resident who pushed for the river cleanup)

7:45 Police Report

  • 2 incidences recently

8:00 Featured Speaker

  • SPU Local Project Updates-

Trish Rhay

Regarding the flooding on 14th Ave and Trenton by the BP station – Preferred alternative is to run a larger capacity pipe down 14th Ave S left on Donovan and right into the big pipe on 12th.

Cannot be done before the reopening of the new South Park Bridge, shooting for 2014, but they want to look at all the downstream ramifications before they commit to the timeline.

Update on the 7th Ave Pump Station: Ran into a snag with preferred filtration system. Because they need a different technology they need to re-engineer the facility so the timeline has been shifted to 2014.

In the meantime, the work will be starting soon on the bike trail on Portland which includes creating some of the drainage infrastructure that will be feeding the 7th Ave Pumping station. Bob Cronn asked if the City (SPU) is taking into account sea level rise (in particular for the lowest area of South Park, the industrial area). Yes