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SPNA Minutes May 2010

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South Park Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

South Park Neighborhood Center


7:16pm – Introductions


7:40pm – Sally Bagshaw

Council Member Sally Bagshaw – elected last November, 2009.  She is extremely concerned about the traffic and environmental issues from the south ParkBridge closure and feels that South Park & Georgetown have gotten the short end of the stick for a long time.  There are multiple communities that rely on this bridge.  There is a bit of good news amongst the rest – Metro heard the complaints about the bus-reroute plans for the 60, 131, and 134 – these routes have been improved from the initial re-route plan.  The consensus is that the public want to keep the services open and are willing to be part of the plan to fix things – let the people be part of finding the solution to the problems.


Friends of 12th & Trenton View Park presentation to Sally – Joy Colino & Jennifer Nye – Piece of land, owned by SDOT, at the top of 12th Ave stairs – right at the top.  PomegranateCenter helped create vision documents – “play space”, picnic area.  Group is hoping to get Parks Levy Grant money.  This is a high crime area – needs to be opened up and have people there who are using this space as it is envisioned.  They will know this month whether they get the grant.  It could serve so many purposes – close to the Duwamish Bike Path and help to promote safety, and preserving a green space.


8:03pm – Police Blotter

**Unofficial Crime Statistics (these stats include chosen crime categories and do not reflect all calls for services).

Theft-Car Prowl – 5

Burglary – 6

Liquor Violation – 1



8:08pm – Announcements 

1) Juan Colorado: the hearing before Washington State Liquor Control Board is Tuesday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 14 to determine whether they get their license back:

Juan Colorado is presently operating under a temporary license

This hearing is open to the public

SouthPark residents can attend

It would be a good idea to attend, for those that can, and voice your opinions regarding the granting of a liquor license to Juan Colorado

2) Research project for History House – Michael Bradley hopes long-time South Park residents who might have been here in 1965 and remember the protests about rezoning South Park industrial will agree to be interviewed.

3) Amanda Saskill – Seattle Tilth is teaching a class on permaculture design and Amanda is soliciting ideas for a design project.  She is attending the class at SouthSeattleCommunity   College one weekend/month.  There are several groups of students and each group of students has a design project.  It could be anything from food, energy, waste, shelter, water, economy, etc.  It could be a physical site or a practice or a lifestyle.  Amanda needs to submit a one paragraph proposal for the class but is open to as many ideas as she can get.  Please give Amanda your ideas on a proposal for this project.


4) UW Landscape Architecture students’ presentation on their vision for the future of the DuwamishRiver valley.  DRCC – vision of the cleanup of the Superfund site – what do we want, etc.  What can be implemented around the area of where the bridge will be closed?  Ideas of what can be done to the area to make it look better than just a chain-link fence across the end.  Garden space, outdoor gathering, park, make improvements to the intersection to make it more accessible and safer, painting the asphalt to make it “a cool place”.  Open to whatever ideas residents may have.  They may involve Marra Farms, Concord, a mural project, etc., social initiatives – ideas that come from us, not necessarily from the UW students.

Second team will be working on what will happen to the old bridge – maybe putting greenhouses on the bridge section once it’s closed.


5) Transfer Station Update – Seattle Public Utility – Henry Freedman, Project Manager.  Construction has started on the site across the street to prepare for the building of the new station.  They will dig up soil contaminated with diesel spilled when fueling buses, replace with clean fill.  Wheel-washing of the construction trucks to keep dust/dirt to a minimum.  Street right-away – need to be vacated, because it’s public land they need to compensate the public.  Starting in June there will be monthly street sweeping – down Cloverdale.  More public meetings, June 2 or June 9 – opportunity to get more input from the public – regarding the building color and other details from the public.  $150k set aside on what additional features/item could be added to the project – it must be related to the facility to make the facility better.  Existing station will remain open during the construction of the new site.  Outreach program – range of different jobs that will be available.  Information will be posted to the listserve.


6) T-117 clean-up plans update – draft cleanup report, ECA, is almost done.  June is a very important month – June 7th, the draft is available.  June, 17th – public hearing – make formal comments.  End of September, action memo, brings together the comments by the community and the final plan. Important to find the time and review the plan and make feedback – now is the time to do it.  Any questions or if you want to get the latest information on what’s happening, check their website:


7) Cari Simson, DuwamishRiver Clean-up Coalition – there will be a technical advisor, who can turn the EPA documents regarding the T117 cleanup into something more easily understood, will be available at the June 15th meeting.

June 5 – Environmental Health Fair – concord Elementary, families & food

June 8 – just before SPNA Neighborhood meeting – 6:00 – 7:00 pm – T117 info session

June 15 – T117 info session with technical Advisor, Peter DeFur

June 17 – 5:30 – 8:30 – T117 Public Meeting – SouthParkCommunity Center – comment on Cleanup Plan

7:30 – official public testimony

Poster boards in the lobby before the meeting, EPA will be conducting the meeting but DRCC will also speak.

This meeting is just about the cleanup plans – not on restoration.


8) EPA, SPU, Port, etc. – Short summary of what’s happening at T117 – 15 acres: remove PCB’s, remove dioxins where colocated.  T117 property itself – remove all soil, some areas are 4 feet and some are 17 feet.  Hope is that the restoration part will work seamlessly with the cleanup plans.  Alt #1 – excavate 1 acre of sediment and cap 1 acre, Alt # – cap both acres.

9) South Park Business Association is re-energizing – 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Boeing Aerospace Machinists Hall.


8:49pm – Nominations for SPNA Board

Nominations for 2010/2011 SPNA Board – election to be held at the June 8 SPNA meeting


Slate for 2010/2011 SPNA/SPARC Board:

President: Dagmar Cronn

Vice President: Elizabeth Mauro

Secretary: Ahlyshawndra Means

Treasurer: Bob Cronn


Betsy McFeely

John Nevue

Marty Oppenheimer

Peter Quenguyen

Nicole Rea

Hallie Savannah

Ex Officio – Building manager (Bill Pease)


Next SPNA Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Start time: 7:00 pm