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SPNA Minutes November 2011

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Board Meeting


Meeting Minutes: (Approved)

New Business:

Bridge Completion Date: Can’t determine when the bridge will open. The problem is the tiers/ has solid clay at the bottom of sunken case. Originally 6 inches a day was done then the progress slowed to 1 inch a day. Originally contractors were working 5 days a week 8 hrs. to fix the issue workers have been doing 20 out of 24 hrs. A day The bridge is 1/3 underwater.  The sunken case goes 75 feet down currently the project is at 62 ft. The issue has been completed. Over 6 week cycle Sunken case on.  Estimate on delay:   refining the schedule to fine a date. Open date will have one lane open each way. Then later will have both lanes open.  Who absorbs additional cost:   long drawn discussion. Focus is to work to get the bridge open. Yet to be determined. May not receive the incentive to get the project finish. Primary goal: Get the project done. Contingence to built into the contract. Are there intention for mitigation for South Park: $150,000 in the budget. Until 2013. Money are Coming from community block fund.


Boeing Clean-up and habitat Restoration

Starting clean up on the north side of the bridge building a inter tidal area. It is under way. Next step is the dredge work doing in the water. Want to start in December. Issues is dealing with Muckleshoot tribe with moving them. Outreach that is being done, to get the duration shortened. Can only work during the fishing. Trying to protect smot. August til Feburary. Hope to start again in December. Will be 1/3 of way in the river channel. Will not be in the deep river channels. Going to do a full drege. Inter tidal wet land. Everything south of boeing. 3100 ft. along river of habitat. Intent is to make it natural. Jorgenson’s will undergo the same process. First season on south end. Then work on Jorgenson’s end then work north. Jobs: Super JTI program. Hope to have opportunity for local people. Are planning a kick-off event: celebration of 15 yrs of trying to put this together. Doing it at the Park. Possible doing something at the schools.



MOB = finially found they were not going to.  Thinking of not having MOV fair market value. Would like to have building manager there to show why we. 36,000 to fix the building up.  Mutually of Setting Benefit. – they get programs they don’t have to pay for, and we are getting building we don’t have to pay for.  Bill Pease, marty Calvert,

Retreat == 4 colums

Annexation= Thursday night; Duwamish Rowing club will have a meeting to discuss the diliteration for a vote.  If annexation goes thru seattle and Tukwila will not take over maintance operation. Bridge will go down the tube. If Burien, goes thru sliver by the


Board Policies: for SPNC

Consistency to Rent the building =  reason, MOB requires us to provide services to the community free of charge. If government agency, community Public event open to public. Whose purpose to benefit the community.

We will not provide the building free of charge for personal use.  i.e. birthday party, fundraisers etc.  $35 hr. min. 3 hr. for the large room and bathroom. Kitchen is separate. Has to have a food permit. Kitchen rental  plus large room $150. Deposit $200. There is a contract to fill out. No worker rate. Cleaning rate $139 3x week.



Bathroom Use:

Board & Tenants should come to the  2x’s yearly meeting Potluck to meet and mingle and get to know each other. We will set up 2 meeting a year for them at the beginning at the board meetings. Then again a time when it works for the tenants.



Nickelsville =  email Randy to take the lead on this issue. City should be addressing this. Mayor has passed this issue to DPD. Jan.1 the breakfast program will be eliminated. Suggestions are to have city and other organizations to have them sit in on a meeting and hear.

Laura—is still a board member however is selectively inactive. Laura will continue to do the volunteer coordination work.


Building Manager=== Alex is currently not the building manager. Bill Pease is acting building manager. Active search is being held by Bill and Paige.

Transporation Committee is reactivating because of Bike Trail. Dagmar will add them to their agenda. November 20, 2012. SDOT has their idea of traffic calming and South Park does not agree with that. Feet First, Cascadia Biking Club, to attend the meeting. Coss X Motorcycle Club to do something at an event


Breakfast – new stuff since 30 of October. Have talk to someone at Life Line. This will not affect your food. Verbal statement from both organizations. UW Nursing Group is suppose to be working with Paige. We will have info. Regarding possible other options to put them in the hands of attendees’.

Meeting: 2 parts –

Mayor’s Budget Proposal == Only spoke to 50k for SPIARC 10 more hours. Money’s might be specified.

Issues to Zoning in South Park. Residential homes being torn down with possibilities of rezoning. Right now zoning is not particularly to Single Family. Notification is those big signs, but not really.