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SPNA Minutes November 2013

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November 12, 2013 Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm South Park Neighborhood Center



Police Report

Captain Joe Kessler, Southwest Precinct, SPD with operations lieutenant Pierre Davis, Officer Flores, Officer Berg, and Melissa Chin of the City Attorney’s office.

Along with regular patrol officers, an ACT is an Anti-Crime Team working in the precinct on non-emergency issues, in particular burglaries, car prowling, and warrants.  ACT works from 1pm to 10pm.

Violent crimes rates very low in precinct.  Biggest serious crime is residential burglary.  Burglars are predominantly caught when neighbors call to report suspicious behaviors.  Report, report, report – the police do not read the listserv and can’t allocate resources where they’re needed unless people call and report.  Most calls in the precinct are for 1.) Suspicious activity; 2.) Minor disturbances; and 3.) School visits.

Pierre Davis on the recent murder in Duwamish Waterway Park: can’t comment on active investigation, but does not appear to be random.  Will say that the person who was murdered was well known by police to cause problems and crimes have dipped since his death.


Community Member Concerns:

Concern voiced from community member about the City Attorney’s office deciding to not prosecute certain types of crimes, such as breaking and entering and trespassing.  Melissa Chin responded that the Attorneys office does not have a policy of not prosecuting such crimes, and does prosecute such crimes.  The problem arises when it is a bank-owned property and there is no bank representative willing to complain and prosecute – City cannot prosecute in those cases.

Concern voiced from community member about lack of police presence and lack of response to serious calls.  He’s witnessed theft, drug dealing, and violent assault in front of his house, and called 911, but gotten no meaningful response from police.  Kessler responded that they do have a shortfall in staff because more officers are retiring than recruited, and several officers are on short-term disability.  However, they always have an officer on duty in South Park and there is not a disparity between South Park’s police presence and the rest of the precinct.

Concern voiced from community member that Duwamish Waterway Park closes at 11pm, can the police clear it out at night?  Officers responded that it can be difficult to do because of the manpower needed and the potential for instigating an altercation with inhabitants.  They have asked Parks to clear out the vegetation so that there are fewer places to hide, which has helped.  They will also make sure there is a much higher police presence in the park now.


Local Project Updates

T-117 update – Roy Kuroiwa, Port of Seattle: Upland excavation progressing – should be done in December.  A lot of night work being done because of low tides at night.  In-water work starts Dec 1st.  No more major discoveries so far this month.


Boeing Clean up — Brian Anderson, PM at Boeing for cleanup project: Boeing dredging will follow completion of T-117, starting January 2 through March.






  1. Anyone      is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. E-mail SPNA      President ( or call 206-257-0578. Visit our website at      for previous minutes.
  2. Trash Pick-up Event – Saturday, November 23, area around Sea Mar Community Care Center, 10th and 12th Avenues South and S Henderson St. Contact: Patty Nasko <>.
  3. Three wells will be drilled      in South Park during the week of November 11 as part of a geotechnical      study in preparation to help plan future sewer projects in South Park. See      flyer handouts for more info.
  4. SP Parks Master Plan –      community involvement coming in January – full presentation will be given      at December’s neighborhood meeting.
  5. Call for Unsung Hero      nominations
  6. Handed out Think Green      recycling information for everyone to take home
  7. Art Under $100, Saturday      December 7 from 2-9pm at the Community Center.  Over 1,600 people came last year.


Question from community member: Is there a way to get back the garbage can that used to be out near Sea Mar?  Since it was removed, trash on the street has increased.  Dagmar responded that the City will not put out cans, as it is considered an adjacent property owner responsibility.  We could ask Sea Mar if they’d be willing to put a can out again and take responsibility for it.


Local Project Updates Continued

Community Health Impact Assessment project results – BJ Cummings, DRCC and Linn Gould of Just Health Action  — BJ gave abbreviated presentation (15 minutes) and will give a larger presentation in February.  DRCC wants community input on where to go next to address community health issues.


Part 150 Noise briefing for SeaTac airport, Stan Shepherd, Manager, Aviation Noise Programs – POSTPONED for December to allow more time for other items at meeting.


SeaTac Airport’s air quality programs, Leslie Stanton, Manager, Aviation Environmental Programs POSTPONED for December to allow more time for other items at meeting.



SPNA Membership Election for Replacement of Greater Duwamish District Council representative from SPNA – Dan Bentler is recommended to membership by SPNA Board.  GDDC recommends an alternate be designated, too.  Dan Bentler was elected by community vote.  No alternate was selected.


Next meeting: Tuesday, December 10, 7:00 pm