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SPNA Minutes October 2013

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October 8, 2013 MEETING MINUTES

7:00 pm South Park Neighborhood Center


5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Results of Diesel Exhaust Study, Puget Sound Sage, Dinner at 5:30; presentation and discussion, 6:00 – 7:00 pm


Meet and Greet/Introductions


  1. Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a      future meeting. E-mail SPNA President ( or call      206-257-0578. Visit our website at      for previous minutes.
  2. South Park costume swap on Saturday October 19th,      3:30-5:30, at the neighborhood center.       Bring a costume that you don’t need any more and go home with a new      costume.
  1. South Park trash cleanup event, Saturday, October 12, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Meet at South Park Community Center on 8th Ave S. For yellow trash bags, picker-uppers, orange traffic vests and assignment to teams, FOOD!  Kids welcome. Co-hosts are the South Park Neighborhood Center and the Puget Soundkeepers Alliance.
  2. November 12, 5:30 – 7:00 pm, West Duwamish Trail Extension (On Portland St.), Art Brochet, Capital Projects Coordinator, Seattle Department of Transportation, Capital Projects & Roadway Structures Division
  3. Lower Duwamish Waterway: Removal Action on Jorgensen Forge Property Delayed from 9/2013 to 8/2014.  Site is on the Georgetown side of Duwamish.  Becki Chu from EPA will come to future meeting to speak more on this issue.
  1. South Park will soon be officially awarded $575,000      in Bridging the Gap competitive bond funds to extend the West Duwamish      Trail an additional two blocks on 8th Ave S from Portland to      Kenyon.
  1. King County asked the South Park Bridge contractor to      install a chain-link fence around the sculpture base until the end of the      project in order to prevent anyone from sitting on it.  This was initiated at the request of      Dagmar due to complaints on the South Park listserv about the kinds of      people hanging out there.  Tim Lane,      project supervisor with King County, also announced that the County will      now be redesigning the permanent sculpture to remove the “sittable” area      that had been part of the plan.
  2. The Seattle Parks Foundation has awarded Barker      Landscape Architects the $50k contract to develop the South Park Green      Space Vision Plan.
  3. $56,000 from Neighborhood Parks and Street funds for      preliminary upgrades to Duwamish Waterway Park. The Duwamish Waterway Park      monies are to be used for temporary and movable improvements that won’t      interfere with a subsequent park design.
  4. Mayor McGinn has recommended $50,000 for the South      Park Senior Center in his proposed 2014 budget to the City Council who      will approve the 2014 budget on November 25 after two public hearings.
  5. A new flashing light has been installed on 8th      Ave S by Concord Elementary School to slow traffic.
  6. Preserving Your Old House workshop to be held on      November 2 at Community Center.       Light brunch included.
  7. Annexation of “Sliver by the River”.  Small area abutting Duwamish is outside      of City boundaries, and Seattle intends to annex it.  Seattle submitted initial request      several years ago.  However, a      dispute between Seattle and the City of Tukwila over annexation the      so-called Duwamish Triangle on the other side of the SP Bridge held up      Seattle’s application to annex both areas.       Tukwila has dropped their appeal to be allowed to annex the      Duwamish Triangle.  No resident vote      on annexation is required because more than 60% of the area’s boundary      borders incorporated Seattle.
  8. Any other announcements?   

Police Report


Officer T.J Berg and Ops Lt. Pierre Davis

-Not as much graffiti as usual at this time of year.

-Several mental calls recently

-Lots of issues with squatters in abandoned/foreclosed homes – police can’t enforce removal if neighbors call without property owner information.

-house on 8600 block of 7th Ave is a suspected narcotic house – police are monitoring it for activity – please report any activity if seen.


Local Project Updates


South Park Bridge Update

Tim Lane, King County:

Second leaf delivered and placed last week.  Still a lot of work to be done, but good progress achieved.


Green Streets/Rain Gardens/RainWise Program updates

Kristine Cramer, King County Wastewater Treatment Division; John Phillips, KC Green Stormwater Infrastructure Program; and Elizabeth Louden, ECOSS, RainWise Program

Demonstration rain garden and cisterns are to be installed at Neighborhood Center soon.  Rainwise program is providing monetary assistance to South Park residents who want to have rain gardens and/or cisterns installed on their property.  Reimbursement/rebates for installation are available to those who qualify.  Eleven rain gardens have been installed so far in South Park and about 10-11 are in progress.  To learn more come to workshop on October 17th, 6:30 pm-8 pm at the Community Center or visit the Rainwise booth at the Duwamish Alive celebration at Duwamish Waterway Park on October 19th.

Rainwise is focusing on completing rain garden projects in public right of way in South Park and Highland Park in order to reduce stormwater that flows to the combined sewer overflow system.  Reducing stormwater runoff will reduce the overflow of sewage into our waterways.  A recent survey was completed of South Park planting strips and alley ways to identify candidate areas.  Plan to install rain gardens in planting strips, with neighbor inputs, and replace paved alleyways with pervious pavement.  Next, soil borings will be drilled soon in some areas to assess soil infiltration.


Forest restoration at Westcrest Park, the closest forested area to South Park

Joanna Nelson de Flores, Forterra: One hundred years ago Seattle was mostly forested with conifers (fir, cedar, hemlock, etc.).  As Seattle developed, several areas of forest were preserved (thanks in part to the Olmstead brothers).  These areas continue to provide great benefits.  However, these remaining forests are at risk of being lost to us within the next 50 years.  Our forests are dying out, in large part due to the invasive species (such as ivy) that have suppressed the forest’s natural ability to regenerate.  Forterra is a coalition formed to save the Seattle forests but relies on community support and volunteer work in order to achieve this goal.

Westcrest Park is located on the forested hillside immediately west of South Park.  Unfortunately, there is currently no access from South Park to enjoy this natural landscape that is so close.  Nevertheless, Forterra is asking residents of South Park to invest in the future of their forest (with the help of a grant from the Duwamish River Clean up Coalition).  A tour of the Park and planting party is being put on for the South Park community on November 2, 10-2.

A side note on the lack of access to this green space from South Park: those interested in seeing an access way should make their voice heard in the upcoming South Park Green Space Vision Plan (see announcement 8, above).


Duwamish River Clean up Coalition announcements:

-Duwamish Alive festival coming up – weekend of October 19-20.  Lots of great activities – check out DRCC website.

-October 27th is the haunted Halloween boat tour – fun for all ages.  Check out DRCC website to learn more.


Next meeting

Tuesday, November 12


5:30 – 7:00 pm, West Duwamish Trail Extension (On Portland St.) plus Bridging the Gap extension two blocks on 8th Ave S between Portland and Kenyon, Art Brochet, Capital Projects Coordinator, Seattle Department of Transportation, Capital Projects & Roadway Structures Division


7:00 pm – Regular SPNA meeting