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SPNA Minutes September 2013

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September 10, 2013 MEETING MINUTES

7:00 pm South Park Neighborhood Center

Meet and Greet/Introductions


  1. Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. E-mail SPNA President ( or call 206-257-0578. Visit our website at for previous minutes.
  2. The Seattle Parks Foundation (SPF) is an organization independent of the City of Seattle whose interest is focused on Seattle parks and green spaces.  The South Park neighborhood offers exceptional opportunities for developing connected parks and green spaces including a public plaza at the base of the new South Park Bridge, improvements to Duwamish Waterway Park, street-end parks and viewpoints, and walking and biking paths connecting all of these spaces. Seattle Parks Foundation is working with the South Park Area Revitalization Committee, SPNA and the community at large to develop a community-supported plan that integrates and prioritizes these public space and recreation opportunities.  As part of this, the plan will develop schematic designs for the top community priorities, and an implementation strategy for achieving project priorities. It’s intended that the plan will guide public and private sector investments over the next five years. An interview panel comprised of Seattle Parks Foundation, community and agency representatives is in the midst of a hiring process to bring on the consultant team.  The South Park Green Space Vision Plan will launch later this month and conclude by March 2014.

Progress reports will be presented at SPNA meetings or on the list serve as needed.

  1. Marra Farm Fall Fest, Celebrate the harvest, South Park style! Saturday, September 21, 12–3pm, Marra Farm: 9026 4th Ave S, (between S Henderson and S Barton), * farm-fresh food * apple cider pressing ** live music * children’s activities * farm tours * Free and family friendly! We’ll appreciate the amazing work of Farmer Sue McGann, who is retiring after 10 years at Marra Farm, & we’ll welcome new Marra Farm Coordinator Farmer Kyong Soh! Volunteers needed: assist with kids’ activities; prep, grill, and serve food; wash dishes; help setup and cleanup, etc. Contact Amelia: or 206.694.6731.We hope to see you there! ~ The Lettuce Link team: Sue, Robin, Scott, Amelia, Mariah, Nate, Kyong, and Amanda Lettuce Link’s Giving Garden at Marra Farm is a program of Solid Ground.
  2. Seattle City Council has adopted the recommendation to fund purchase of the property next to the new South Park Bridge for a South Park Plaza/Park. The City will offer to purchase the property next year although the owner has no obligation to sell and the City cannot offer more than the appraised price.
  3. South Park open air Movie Night this Friday at 7:30 in parking lot of Suds/Stockbox.  Showing the movie UP.


Police Report

  1. Importance of reporting crimes to SPD, no matter how small; say you have reported when posting to list serve or elsewhere, Betsy McFeely can also put in contact with Southwest Precinct Community Police Team Officer.
  2. SPD officer’s report (Officer TJ Berg)

■     Delirious man in South Park Grocery was seen destroying property in cold case and ended up dying that night.  It’s unknown whether he had a medical condition or was on drugs.

■     Juan Colorado bust – in SP there were four homes that were raided – recovered considerable amount of narcotics, money and guns.

■     Riot/fight at Community Center during a large celebration.

■     New gang – see hanging out near 12th and Donovan.

■     Spike in bike theft recently.  One suspect was arrested.  Another suspect is known.


What to do if you suspect drug dealing – call 911 and report activity.


Local Project Updates


  1. SPU Flooding project updates

■     7th Ave S. Pump Station, Sheila Harrison.  Progress has been in acquisition of Wood property.   Acquisition was required to replace the portion of the existing street end (and water viewpoint) that will be occupied by new pump station.  The stormwater filter technology that was chosen to manage water quality was discovered to be less effective and more costly than thought.  Therefore, the City is currently reviewing other water quality options before proceeding with rest of design.


■     14th and Concord Flooding Mitigation Project, Sahba Mohandessi.  Potential for expediting the project was assessed but, unfortunately, construction in 2014 is not feasible.  However, the project is still on schedule to go to construction in 2015.  Nothing can be done to mitigate flooding in the meantime – this is not a maintenance issue, it is a constriction issue.


■     Report all incidents of flooding or sewage/drainage back up to the 24/7 hotline: 206-386-1800.  The more reports are made the better.


■     Visit SPU website – info on flooding preparation, etc.  or to see weather/flood forecasting.


  1. T-117 update, Roy Kuroiwa

■     Lots of unexpected materials discovered buried in river bank – part of old Malarkey facility.  Site was investigated exhaustively – about 250 borings were taken on the 3 acre site as well as GPR and other studies.  Most of the unexpected materials found under riprap on river bank, which was not easy to investigate.  Contractor was not prepared for extent of materials to be removed.  A second contractor was brought in under emergency clause to assist.  NRC moved in on Monday and removed majority of material in about two days.  They will be retained for potential future assistance if needed.


■     Webcam mounted – can go online and see cleanup in progress:


■     Lots of bank work will be done over next few weeks to take advantage of low tides.


■     Donovan street repair still to be done in near future– will be a full depth rebuild – should be 3-5 day construction.  Construction trucks will be rerouted along Dallas during road repair.


■     South Park Arts artist exhibits displaying in T117 office space – Stop by and check it out.






Next meeting Tuesday, October 8


Come early for special presentation at 5:30 pm, Results of Diesel Exhaust Study, Puget Sound Sage. Food provided.  Dinner at 5:30 and presentation at 6:00 with opportunities for public input on air quality improvements


7:00 pm, South Park Neighborhood Association monthly meeting

South Park Neighborhood Center, 8201 10th Ave S




South Park Bridge – south leaf was installed today.


Calling all South Park and Georgetown Neighbors to Westcrest Park! As part of a Healthy Community grant from the EPA and the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, the Green Seattle Partnership will be hosting two educational forest clean-up events.  We will start with a brief tour of the park, learn about the value of healthy forests to our communities, and spend a few hours removing invasive plants and planting to keep the forest going strong.  Lunch provided to all volunteers so please register in advance.  Open to all ages.

Oct. 5th 9am-1pm REGISTER HERE

Nov. 2nd 10am-2pm Green Seattle Day REGISTER HERE


Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition News:

■     Fiestas Patrias coming up this weekend

■     Last kayak tour on Thursday – geology of Duwamish waterway

■     Duwamish River Festival was a success, as was Lucha Libre.

■     EPA has received approximately 4000 public comments on their Lower Duwamish Proposed  CleanupPlan