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Strategy 4


Improve the economic vitality of the
14th Avenue commercial business district

South Park residents envision a thriving business district where they can shop for many day-to-day goods and services at affordable prices from local owners/operators. To attain that goal, organized and sustained business development and customer attraction programs are needed, together with efforts to improve and maintain the physical appearance of the retail corridor. Existing businesses need financial/technical assistance and more customers to stay in business and grow. An organized merchant association could help make business-to-business connections, access services and create a business district promotion plan. Vacant and/or underutilized spaces need to be inventoried and readied for new business.


Task Lead Agency Partner Timeline (years)
1-2 3-5 6-10
4.1   Form a South Park Merchants Association (SPMA)
4.2   Identify vacant commercial space in business district
4.3   Research market to show need
4.4   Conduct business attraction activities to target businesses
4.5   Assist new business start-ups with locating space in South Park
4.6   Identify potential internships for youth in business district
Last Modified: January 7, 2013