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Strategy 2

Community Engagement

Improve Communication within South Park

As South Park continues to grow and diversify its population, reaching out to all ethnic groups becomes increasingly important. Developing strong communication channels to encourage the participation of the large Latino and Vietnamese communities is especially important. One on one conversation is often the best way to engage newcomers rather than traditional communication tools of flyers and electronic messages that may not reach immigrant cultures. Another communication opportunity rests with the numerous community and religious organizations which host events in South Park on a daily basis. As geographically small as it is, South Park has several venues for publicizing vital community information: the library, community center, information center and school. Yet, no central one-stop location exists to serve all.

Many ideas emerged for improving communication and outreach including: updating/creating a website that integrates ‘all neighborhood’ activities and programs; a quarterly all-organization coordinating meeting; outreach to and training for key multicultural leaders to serve on boards and committees; creation of a bi-lingual newsletter; expanded English as a Second Language classes; creation of a one-stop community center where activities for all ages and multi-cultural groups occur; location of uniform information kiosks throughout South Park; wide use of interpreters in meetings; and formation of a Latino merchants association.

Task Lead Agency Partner Timeline (years)
1-2 3-5 6-10
2.1   Create a system of Information Kiosks
2.2   Offer Multilingual Newsletter
2.3   Offer Language Enhancement Training
2.4   Identify key stakeholders and leaders of immigrant community to recruit to project teams and organizations
2.5   Provide civic, leadership and cross-cultural training
2.6   Create a reader board to be seen from vehicles on Cloverdale
2.7   Hold quarterly meetings of all South Park organizations to share information and work better together
2.8   Develop large building that is the ‘center of the South Park universe’ – big enough to house everything
2.9   Use the SeaMar AM radio station to get announcements to the community in multiple languages
Last Modified: January 8, 2013