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All About South Park

Strategy 6

Physical Environment

Improve the Appearance and Image of South Park

A top priority from the community surveys and conversations is the need to make South Park a more livable, beautiful neighborhood while at the same time retaining its unique character and identity. South Park residents want to make improvements to community parks and facilities, expand the local small business base and create new events and programs. They are ready to celebrate a new bridge as a springboard to convey a positive, proud and caring image to all who come to visit, work or play. Residents want to enhance the neighborhood by cleaning up business corridors and residential streets, storefront improvements, graffiti clean-up, property renovation and developing a sustainable litter program. Guiding the revitalization of the business district is also important through creating a unified look and encouraging future mixed-use development of a scale and design appropriate to South Park.

Task Lead Agency Partner Timeline (years)
1-2 3-5 6-10
6.1   Organize a spring clean-up day
6.2   Create a game plan for a sustainable ongoing program
6.3   Implement a business district greening/planting program (Hanging Baskets and Troughs)
6.4   Initiate signature public art space
6.5   Create game plan for significant improvements to pivotal business district properties
6.6   Activate vacant business spaces that are not leased
6.7   Improve/expand public spaces
Last Modified: May 1, 2013