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fire dept/police car safety banner photos

Strategy 3

Public Safety

Create a safe neighborhood for all residents

Crime prevention was a key driver of the 2006 South Park Action Agenda and remains a critically important strategy for South Park’s long term vitality. Although stakeholders noted that the crime rate has declined in recent years, many linked this to the South Park Bridge closure. It is important for the community to be unified, well organized and vigilant in its effort to keep crime at bay. Several additional crime prevention activities were identified during community outreach including: storefront design to encourage window transparency/visibility; additional police on the street; location of a South Park police precinct; improved skate park monitoring and lighting; morning supervision for children enroute to school often alone in the dark; zero tolerance for prostitutes program; cameras in target locations to dissuade criminal activity; increased neighborhood communication about criminal activities; and a zero tolerance for drugs program.

Task Lead Agency Partner Timeline (years)
1-2 3-5 6-10
3.1   Provide for the safety and supervision of children in the pre-school hours while parents are often enroute to work
3.2   Storefront design to encourage window transparency/visibility
3.3   Additional police on the street
3.4   Location of a South Park police precinct
3.5   Improved skate park monitoring and lighting
3.6   Zero tolerance for prostitutes program
3.7   Cameras in target locations to dissuade criminal activity
3.8   Increased neighborhood communication about criminal activities—quarterly meetings of all organizations
3.9   Zero tolerance for drugs program
Last Modified: January 5, 2013