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All About South Park
photo of area for desired plaza

Strategy 7

South Park Plaza

Establish a civic center, plaza or town square
at the base of the South Park Bridge

With so much planning, anticipation and angst over the South Park Bridge closure and new construction, the neighborhood is poised to use the bridge closure period of time as an opportunity to plan for a ‘refreshed’ image and welcoming to visitors when they come over the new bridge in 2013. Gateway signage at the base of the bridge has long been discussed. The vision has expanded to a central plaza that will serve multiple purposes: announce a welcoming business district and community, provide a civic center and gathering space for community gatherings and events/ activities that attract visitors as well, and enhance the image of South Park as a destination of choice.


Task Lead Agency Partner Timeline (years)
1-2 3-5 6-10
7.1   Produce Work Plan
Last Modified: January 8, 2013