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All About South Park

Strategy 1

Youth Development

Engage youth in activities that keep them safe and allow them to thrive

South Park youth age 19 years or younger make up 31.4% of the neighborhood population. Their well being and engagement in positive, productive activities are critical to creating a strong multi-generational South Park community. In addition to a supportive family and school environment, youth need a wide variety of opportunities for positive interaction, for mentoring and community leadership, for workforce training and skill building and to understand their potential for success. Many youth participated in identifying their priorities for action and two initiatives rose to the top: increased recreational opportunities and internships with local employers.

South Park youth with the South Park Community Center



Task Lead Agency Partner Timeline (years)
1-2 3-5 6-10
1.1   After School Activities
1.2   Youth Intern Program
Last Modified: June 10, 2016